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Sun Ketu Conjunction in Astrology

Sun-ketu conjunction or sun ketu conjunction vedic astrology once in a year and this is one of good conjunction does not matter here sun is strong or ketu only condition conjunction should be in good house and more than 8 degree with each other.

Ketu represents meditation, spirituality, nothingness. If this conjunction weak then person lacks confidence because sun is our pride, soul and light of life which give low confidence to our soul.

If Sun is strong, then you may expect good spiritual position, great teacher of yoga or meditation, priest or strong politician. This is very good conjunction gives name, fame, less ego and no attachment for materialism.

Sun is everything and its opposite Ketu is nothingness but this unique conjunction gives things in unique way, so before evaluating this unique Sun ketu combination or relation between sun and ketu we need to more careful otherwise nothing will be in hand and our prediction will not come true. 

“Sun is our soul, life, our confidence and when it conjunction with ketu means baggage of past karma remaining.”

Sun Ketu conjunction for career: Sun ketu same house is good combination for career but it should be strong Kendra/trikona and 8 degree apart. Sun ketu together shows extreme heights in spiritual career or career where you can serve to people it might be politics, NGO or any good work for society. Even doctor also having this yoga sometimes.

Sun Ketu conjunction for Wealth: Sun ketu for wealth is not bad but this combination never gives materialism side of society. It gives everything from struggle and strong wealth for Yoga not Bhoga.

Sun Ketu conjunction for Marriage: This is worst combination if in 7th house or even in 8th house but it gives good knowledge but marriage will be on rock always.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 1st house or Sun and ketu in 1st house: Sun ketu in 1st house is good placement it gives strong identity in society and person become famous in middle age. Sun ketu gives mass fame and people easily attracted towards these peoples. Sun and ketu conjunction in 1st house placement delivers great philosopher, writer and politician. This placement also shows you need to serve your family member lot because in last you did not done properly. You need to pay your attention towards your grandfather and elderly peoples for getting most of benefits of this conjunction. Sun and ketu in ascendant gives some time very aggressive nature and short tempered.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 2nd house or Sun and ketu in 2nd house:
Sun ketu in 2nd house is not good placement and it gives issues in wealth daily routine income. Sun and ketu conjunction in 2nd house placement gives many issues in marriage which sometime convert into marital discord. This conjunction of Sun ketu gives issues on paternal property and assets. Surya ketu some time gives harsh speech/voice.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 3rd house or Sun and ketu in 3rd house: Sun Ketu gives in 3rd house problems or bad relation with siblings but gives good courage and communication skill if Sun dominance is more. Sun Ketu yuti in 3rd house many travel related with religion or pilgrims. Sun and ketu conjunction in 3rd house gives power with communication which person can use in social work and welfare of society.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 4th house or Sun and ketu in 4th house: Sun ketu together in 4th house is good for spiritualism and meditation but not good for materialistic world even it gives Vehicle and big home and all but person will not enjoy too much these things generally their family enjoys all luxury of this. Sun and ketu conjunction in 4th house gives less motherly love and people stay faraway place from birth land.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 5th house or Sun and ketu in 5th house: Sun ketu in same house shows specially you should do some good work for you paternal families and especially some pitra Pooja. This house shows purva punya and your work towards your ancestors is still remaining and you need to do that work for those peoples in this birth. 5th house Sun ketu shows you have good intelligence but not able to use right time in right place. Sun and ketu conjunction in 5th house gives wealth from paternal property if Sun is stronger than ketu.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 6th house or Sun and ketu in 6th house: Sun ketu in 6th house is good for those who are dealing in public domain. This is very good placement for getting victory over enemies. This is good placement service peoples reached in good post but avoid taking any loan with this combination. Sun and ketu conjunction in 6th house is bad placement for heart disease and cholesterol if sun is weak. Sun and ketu together in 6th house shows you should not cheat on money with anyone even try take less loan from bank.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 7th house or Sun and ketu in 7th house: Sun ketu in 7 house worst placement then any house. This is placement which destroys marriage and relationship. This is really bad for business success also. If anyone have this placement then take care of your marriage and before marriage match the horoscope properly. Sun and ketu conjunction in 7th house is not good placement for wealth also. Ketu sun combination in 7th house gives some time very late marriage or no marriage in life.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 8th house or Sun and ketu in 8th house: Sun ketu in 8th house is again one of the bad placements for longevity even this conjunction gives accident and less peaceful life. This placement shows disappointment in inherited wealth. Sun ketu gives less wealth from father. Sun and ketu conjunction in 8th house is good for occult science. This is good placement if you will involve yourself in spirituality and meditation and will give sudden heights in life. Sun and ketu together in 8th house is only good if you are involve in spiritualistic world.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 9th house or Sun and ketu in 9th house: Sun ketu in 9th house shows pitra dosha and this is really bad placement for luck support in life. Sun ketu yuti in 9th house is bad for support from father even not good for father. Sun and ketu conjunction in 9th house is good placement if your to do work for society and religion. This gives breaks in success and you need to do definitely pitra shanti for this conjunction.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 10th house or Sun and ketu in 10th house: Sun and ketu conjunction in 10th house gives many breaks in career and these people not stable in career. This gives very late success only in religious world and sometime slow career in politics also. Sun and ketu conjunction in 10th house is bad placement for materialistic world.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 11th house or Sun and ketu in 11th house: Sun and ketu conjunction in 11th house is not good for materialistic gains. You should do work for society always be satisfied because you are not person who can enjoy materialistic gains. Sun and ketu conjunction in 11th house is good for social circle bit circle should not page 3, it should be circle of saint and good religious peoples.

Sun Ketu conjunction in 12th house or Sun and ketu in 12th house: Sun ketu in 12th house is good placement for moksha and hinder confidence and good for success in foreign lands. You will get moksha in this birth and you should not involve in women wine in this birth. Sun and ketu conjunction in 12th house gives foreign residence also.

Sun ketu conjunction remedies or remedies for sun and ketu: Sun conjunction with ketu gives bad impacts also so please do the some upay for surya ketu yuti.
  • For sun ketu grahan dosh, please do help how much you can to elderly peoples.
  • Sun and ketu in one house gives lot of struggles in life.
  • Conjunction of sun and ketu is not bad always so do the Lord Surya Pooja and lord hanuman as much as you can.
  • Sun+ketu remedies Serve black and white dog.
  • Surya ketu yoga सूर्य केतु योग people should avoid eating meat.
  • Ketu and sun relationship is spiritualistic relationship so involve in more spiritualism and religious deeds.
  • Sun and ketu together सूर्य केतु ग्रहण दोष Do the Lord Ganesha on daily basis.
  • Sun conjunct ketu vedic then always go to the temple and offer your services there.
  • Sun with ketu सूर्य केतु युति then donate and eat turmeric.
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