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For availing any of the services below, please contact Mr.Prateek Bhatt first so that he can tell you what details you need to send/provide in order to get true and accurate service from him
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Fees: 1500 INR or 50 $ per chart (Telephonic/Skype)
Personal Meeting Fees: 2500


Option 1) Horoscope Detailed analysis: Fees 3500 INR or 75 $ (7-8 Page report or telephonic consultation)
In this service you will get detailed view of your Career/Finance/Marriage/Gems Suggestion/Mantra for you/Remedy for whole life and if any specific question, if you want to ask.

Option 2) Numerology report Fees 3500 or 75 $ (Detailed analysis of your lucky/destiny number and your name correction accordingly).

3) Match-making Fees : 3500 or 75 $ (In this you will get match-making results and Detailed chart analysis with option 1 mentioned details)

Option 4)  10 year Career report with option 1 mentioned details also included.
                  10 year Marriage report with match making and option 1                           mentioned details also included.
                   10 year Wealth report with option 1 mentioned details included.

Option 4 All reports Fees 6000 INR or 125 $

Option 5) Wealth life prediction Fees 3500 or 75 $

Option 6) Love life or love marriage prediction Fees 3500 per chart or 75 $(In this you will get Love-life results and Detailed chart analysis with option 1 mentioned details)

Option 7) Life time complete event report: 9000 INR or 200 $

Option8)New born child Horoscope with general prediction of life: 3500 INR or 75 $ (Education,health/wealth/Luck/Dasha/ marrige related prediction and option 1 points included etc.)

Option 9) Spiritual report: 3500 INR or 75$

Option 10) Palm analysis with detailed prediction of all lines Palmistry: 1500 or 50 $

Mode of consultation: Telephonic/Skype Call(Skype id: astrobhatt10) and mail consultation both available,you can take anyone for option 1 & 2. For option 3 & 4 PDF report will be there.

Mode of payment: Online transfer/NEFT/submit in the account by cheque  & for overseas/NRI via PayPal/Western Union

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A/C No. 30321977386
Address : 127/91 , W2, Juhi, NEAR BURRA BYEPASS, KANPUR 208027
District : KANPUR CITY
Branch Name : BARRA
IFSC Code : SBIN0003554

Services provided by me : 
  • Horoscope analysis
  • Birth Time Rectification
  • Matrimonial Horoscope Matching
  • Remedial Guidance
  • Life Reading Of Horoscope
  • Career/Job Related
  • Money/Finance Related
  • Major Event in coming time
  • Marriage/Love marriage related
  • Health related
  • Gems Stone related Suggestion
  • Mantra for you
  • Remedies For whole life 
Any specific question or match-making or Horoscope complete analysis send by mail. Feel free to ask any question.

उपयुक्त व्यक्ति को दान और भलाई का एक छोटा सा काम प्रार्थनाओं से बढकर है । यही ज्योतिष है और उसके कारगर उपाय है !!!!!!


  1. Sir My DOB is 09-5-1976
    Time 20.45, in Varanasi (UP)
    SIr I have not seen happiness in last 4 Years even i am depressed and some times i feel helpless, because I dont know but Planets have disturbed me too much that I have forgot to even smile., Sir please do something for me, right now My biggest problem is money because I even dont have more times even 20 Rs and running a family of 4 persons,please help me

  2. Dear Sir,
    I find you when i was serching nbry tropic on google and read your comment on nicha bhanga raj yoga.
    some horoscope told me i have NBRY in my chart . If you sir please let me confirm whether i have the same and what will me my future.
    MY DOB: 12-JAN-1970
    MY DOT:8:05 AM
    MY email id is :

  3. Saumen Paul.

    1. Focus on spirituality.
    2. Don't be very close with friends as they will deceive you and guide you to the wrong path.
    3. Always donate to charity and help others as much as you can.
    4. You will have a lot of foreigner friends and work relate to foreign land.
    5. Regardless of you being a Non-Hindu. Stop eating meat. Then you're future will be bright.
    6. Meditate for at least 30 minutes a day.
    7. Read Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam.
    8. Always think good of others even when they don't do good to you.
    9. Don't be sexual or go after womens, it will create a lot of problem in your life.
    10. Always recite this mantra Aum Namo Narayanaya.

    You do all this your future life will be bright, happy and very peaceful. You will have kids, wife and money enough to live a comfortable truthful life.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Please tell me the things which i have to do because i did not have any job from last 6 month , my karmesh is very weak , my mind is not stable and getting depressed some times please tell me what is the position of money in my horoscope.
    MY DOB: 22-AUG-1987
    MY DOT:9:25 AM

  5. how would be my mars dasha starting may 2104. it is in third house in capricorn. DOB- 24/07/1971. time 2.37 PM, new delhi


  6. SIr
    my DOB 15.11.1961 timing 1.40 AM , Birth Place Delhi , I have not seen happiness in life always i am facing lot of problems, &some times i feel helpless, always i am feel unsecured pl suggest me .

  7. SIr my date of birth 15.11.1961 birth place Delhi, timing 1.40 AM I have not seen happiness in life .always i am feeling unsecured , I don't know whats the reason. pl suggest me some remedies

  8. sir pls help me.3rd feb 1987 dehradun 5:50 am

  9. sir my DOB is
    12 nov 1985 Delhi time 6:20PM
    my married life is very bad
    What will be the end result ?

  10. After Taking consultation from you my life changes now i am feeling very happy with your remedies thanks sir prateek bhatt

  11. Best astrologer i can say for astrology depth

  12. Sir, My DOB 30/12/1968 Time 8.32 AM Place Dapoli Dist Ratnagiri 415712. Makar Lagna and Mesh Rashi. Guru in Ninth Kanya. Question is I lost a excellent opportunity in carrer progress in May 2016 I am in Guru Mahadasha Pl reply

  13. Sir my d.o.b 27-9-1996
    name-harpreet sharma
    birth-2.41 pm
    plzzz tell me in my kundli there is raj yoga or not or i have study higher or not.reply?

  14. Hello Prateek Sir., Strange Guru Maha dasha starting.......

    I spoke to you today . 1st I am trying to make a payment for your consultation paypal and western union is not convenient in Malaysia so i am trying my friend in India.

    Ok here is my problem:- rahu dasha

    Year 2000 to year 2003 was working in Nigeria.

    year 2004 to 2008 in Malaysia , was not doing great stress but did a lot of astrology for free for many people and all said I am good .

    Year 2008 went back to Nigeria Left Nigeria for good to Malaysia in April 2014. bought a house in kl all ok till now.

    Joined job with relative Nov 2014 saw many astrologers all said I am going to be a v successful man in guru dasha.

    June 2015 problem with boss changed my job , now living hand to mouth till today.. I believe in God and astrology ....

    But now I am not interested in astrology i feel is a bluff...

    So Y can Guru in 5th house and Guru Maha dasha bring such a stand still in person life.... Can you guide me.

    how can so many astrologers be wrong about me,
    I have been believing this for 20 years and now the begenning of Guru Dasha I am stuck in time Y?


  15. here is birth-data of my relative.dob=8.8.1984/11.45pm/pob=chennai. pl inform--his longevity;& character(affairs/relatons with women); habits like drinking etc. thanks.regards.