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After some holidays, I am giving one more important article, I got a lot of messages and mails for new articles. I had just taken leave and enjoyed myself with family. It was really good for feeling fresh air and come up with new determination. 
I came again with something new for you peoples because continuously i am getting messages regarding particular topics.  Thanks all my readers, you make this blog in one of the best blogs in astrology.

Now come to the point, every house has its own importance in astrology like planet. So, we should not avoid any house during prediction, but yes our sages and everyone given much importance to Kendra\Trikona houses. Everyone knows I already explained several times these houses were the powerhouse of astrology, but now I am telling another house which in not considered Kendra\Trikona, but it is most important house in astrology.Yes, I am talking about 11th house, your questions I know most important house in horoscope, the most powerful house in astrology, 11th house, 11th house in astrology, 11th house astrology in-depth, 11th house astrology meaning, 11th house and wealth, eleventh house, many planets 11th house, planets eleventh house, no planets in 11th house.

What 11th house contains: 

11th house stands for generally all about of Gains (money, knowledge or desirable thing, big Success), elder brother or sister, gains after Karma or hard work because 2nd from 10th house, wealth, longevity of mother, gain from in-laws, friends, hopes, wishes, aspirations, success in undertakings, litigation, speculation, ears, trade, society, community, recovery from illness, freedom from misery, ambitions, wishes, desires&their fulfillment, marriage, disease. If this house is strong, then your desire will be fulfilled.

As we grow, we have more opportunities and possibilities available to us, and the 11th house fulfilled these.

The Eleventh House also speaks to destiny in simple terms, our hopes and dreams, what we desire and what we want to achieve. Our creative vision is highlighted. Dreams come true after some hard work. Biggest hope and desire of life will be on your path.

Finally, this is the magical house of hopes and wishes, where higher aspirations and dreams, desires come true.

"Long back i written 11 house is most important house why?
All planets are beneficial in 11 house, This is only house which consider Very good for all planets even 9th house one of the most important house but some cruel planet not consider good there.Moon in 11 promises success in a horary chart also .Same logic with Astakwarg more point in 11 from 10 means more fruits(Gains) of your karmas."

Why it is most important house:

a) Fruits after hard-work or karma because 2nd from 10th house.
b) In the period of 11th you can establish your business because 5th from 7th house,it will fulfill your desire and gains regrading business.
c) This house all about expansion so it will give you vision and success in all your ventures.
d) With this house 9th house should be strong because 11th from 11th.
e) House of most desirable success and growth,in current days wealth is one of the most important factor and money can given by other houses also like 2nd house but this is the real house for wealth.This house means huge wealth.
f) If you want spirituality then again come here because it is 12th from 12th,means it will fulfill your spiritual desire.
g) 11th house generally governs by Aquarius sign mean by Saturn and you know very well what importance Saturn have in this Kaliyug.
h) This is only house where all planets consider good even Ketu also perform well in this house specially in spiritual world, famous leader you will found with this placement.
i) In Astakwarg more points in this house also consider very good, espcially if more points from 10th house.

Other aspect of 11th house:

11th House rules sudden change, growth, expansion, gain, here planetary placement and yoga`s formation also need to check carefully. Impersonal friendships are rules by the 11th House, and close personal friendships are ruled by the 7th House.

The lord o11th house or any planet posited there or associated by the lord o11th house during its dasha or bhukti is capable oimproving native's acquisitions, wealth ta better extent, but athe same time during this dasha the same planet may give difficulties, litigation's and serious diseases ithe planet afflicted badly. 

The careful study of 11th house:
(a) The 11th house is 2nd from the 10th house hence it is a central point for one’s gains through the Karma`s of present birth or after hard work.
(b) The 11th house being 6th from the 6th house so it may gives diseases, litigation's, punishments .
(c) The 11th house is 8th from 4th house which is called shukh sthaan.So it can take away from you birth place or from mother`s. In old time peoples treated this as bad but now if you are going away from your town then in most of cases it gives benefits  or new job or foreign travel also gives benefits.(Need to check if your 11th house connected with 7th and 9th house anyhow then it shows good benefits from foreign travel).

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Grahan yoga

Grahan yoga by rahu

According to the name, people's fears so much and some astrologers making money from these terms, but no need to fear from name only. I am not denying these yoga`s just telling you to focus and properly understand this yoga.
Why I mentioned rahu because this is the biggest producer of these yoga's. Now I will tell you what type of yoga`s rahu makes and how its effects our life. You have a lot of question in your mind such as grahan yoga in particular house, rahu+sun grhan yoga or pitra dosha,Vish yoga, chandra grhan yoga, sun-rahu combination.

Firstly understand rahu-ketu involvement in such type yoga's. Reason is simple rahu-ketu existence only virtual. So it is expected they will take power where they are sitting, sign, nakshatra and most important conjunction of planet. This is the reason they are effecting most when they make union with our planet in certain conditions. As I already told you in rahu-ketu old article they perform well when they are alone and in Kendra (Rahu especially in 10th).

Most important points during prediction of grahan yoga:

  1) Conjunction with Sun-Moon, why they are creating grahan Yoga? Sun gives light  and moon gives moonlight(Chandni) and Rahu-ketu dark forces when involve with Sun & Moon then obviously positive impact of Sun and good light of Sun-Moon mean good fortune will be effected.

)     2) When any planet conjunct with rahu-ketu, then we can say grahan yoga. Some points I am giving you below. Please read carefully and remember when you are announcing these Yoga`s:

a)      When Rahu-ketu closely conjunct with other planet near 5 degrees then they are taking other planet power. And their effects we can see too much on particular house then graham yoga forms and they destroy particular planet effects.
b)      When they are in Nakshatra of sun-moon and sun moon are also bad in the chart and this yoga`s making in the 1,5th and in 9th then more negative impacts.
c)       When they are in Sign of sun-moon and sun-moon are also bad in the chart and this yoga`s making in the 1,5th and in 9th then more negative impacts.
d)      Other important point is which astrologer forget to see whenever Sun-moon weak in the D-1 and in D-9 if conjunction of Rahu-ketu with sun and moon then this yoga forms.

Now I will discuss with you Grahan yoga by rahu.

1)Rahu+Mars :   (Angarak yoga) bad yoga, with this yoga person always think about negativity and energy level will be decrease or you can say lazy and greedy person.

2)Rahu+Chandra : (Grahan Yoga) (pitra dosha when particular house) .This is the one of the worst yoga if forms in certain condition which I told above otherwise it can give huge name-fame.

3)Rahu+Jupiter  : (Guru-chandal yoga) ,Jupiter is our life saver when Jupiter will effected by rahu then person always involve in illegal activities, it depends in which house it placed. Extramarital and charter will be questionable if Jupiter heavily damage in 4th ,7th,and 8th or 12th.

4)Rahu+Surya  : (Pitra Dosha) Very bad combination (pitra dosha when particular house).Sun is our source of light if sun will afflicted then it direct effects our life. This is the reason this yoga most known bad yoga. But one positive point I want to tell you if above certain condition is there or Sun not afflicted by Rahu then this is one of he most powerful yoga for Politics, I saw this combination in some Indian politician. It gives sudden rise in politics or in govt.

5)Rahu+Venus :  Generally good for materialistic things but really very bad for some Women related  disease specially in lower part of women Ovary and other productive system .

6) Rahu+Shani  : (Shrapit Yoga) If badly placed. This is one of the biggest yoga. Why? Two most powerful plant of Kaliyug in same house.I found this combination very problematic for individual always uncertain evens happens in life.

7) Saturn+ Monn (Vish Yoga) Vish Yoga is formed when Saturn and Moon are together or when Sat aspects Moon.It is not a good yoga and person born under this yoga can do harm of persons represented by the house in which Saturn is placed.

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