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Powerful raja yoga or Powerful dhan yoga`s

After describing the wealth in astrology, I am describing overall good raja yoga`s which not only gives wealth even gives stability, name, fame, prosperity in life.It will give idea on like planetary combinations wealth,vedic astrology reading wealth,Dhana yoga, raj yoga in astrology,raja yoga in horoscope,different yogas in astrology,astrological yogas,astrological yogas for fame,astrological yogas for businessmen, sarala yoga, raj yoga ,eleventh lord in ninth house means .  As you guys know very well there is more than 1000 raja yoga’s existing in astrology. I am not going to confuse you and describe all raja yoga’s. I will give you very specific raja yoga’s which I came to know from our great classical's texts & after my long research and practical observation. Firstly we should understand raja yoga`s mean it is very clear it should equivalent as king`s kingdom. But here in depth we should check ,it exact mean you should be well established ,good name-fame, good amount of wealth, life should be stable. Almost every chart have atleast some raja yoga but degree of strength and number of raja yoga`s makes you different from others. Kendra and Trikona houses are powerhouse of any chart and this is the reason everywhere I am focusing these houses related raja yoga`s.

Today I will describe raja yoga`s and will focus some raja yoga`s which mentioned in BPHS.

Most important yoga`s now days, now I am describing.

Strength of lord 9, 10, 11 and ascendant. This is most important factors for any raja yoga`s and this is the raja yoga which is incomparable. You can see celebrity chart 9/10/11 are key player for their celebrity status.

"Earthy sign in 2nd and 11th gives wealth, and exalted planets in earthy sign such as moon, mercury gives big amount wealth...Neech-bhanga raja yoga in a earthy sign will give you sudden wealth."

Best Raja yoga`s or Most Powerful Raja Yoga`s:

1) 9th lord in 10th, 10th  lord in 11th and 11th  lord in 9th.

2) Parivartan between 9th and 10th lord &10th and 11th lord &11th and 9th lord. 
3) Yoga between laganesh(1st house lord)and panchmesh (5th house lord))
4) Yoga`s between 5th lord and 9th lord.
5) Yoga`s between 1st and 9th lord.
6) Parivartan yoga between 1st and 9th, 1st and 10th,5th and 9th, 9th and 10th, 9th and 11th, 10th and 11th vice versa.
7) Here most important raja yoga`s comes from 11th house if 11th house lord in 11 then excellent and other best position is 5th and 9th house.

Some other powerful parivartan yogas :

1) Yoga`s between dashmesh 10th lord in 11th makes highly successful in all ventures.

‎2) Yoga`s between (5th)panchmesh & labhesh (11th) & dhanesh (2nd) gives rise to great dhana Yoga’s.  I am founding this yoga in celebrity charts also.
3) Yoga of 5th or panchmesh with dashmesh 10th  give rise to great success in politics.But here need support of Rahu and Sun in the chart.
4) Yoga`s between saptamesh (7th) bhagayesh(9th) and dashmesh (10th)gives rise to great Yoga for politics. Even this is very good for business and marriage.

Gajkesari yoga:
This is also one of the very powerful yoga, surely it gives wealth and good name in the society.           Gaj Kesari yoga is commonly understood as “if Jupiter is in kendras from the moon, Gaj Kesari yoga is formed. Gaj Kesari yoga assures Wealth, Good marriage, long life span, high reputation even after death, higher learning, intelligence, passionate and emotional behavior. But what I seen from my experience if this combination occurs in same house with close degree then its complete effects person can enjoy.

Some others yoga`s:

All possible combination between these houses which generate wealth are as follows:

(1)  1st house in 2nd house and 2nd lord in 1st house.

(2) Combination of lord of 1st and 2nd house in any trine or Kendra or mutual aspect between them
(3) Lord of 1st house in 5th house and 5th lord in 1st house. And lagna lord in 5th and 5th lord in 2nd in turn 2nd lord in 9th or 11th this is a dhana yoga of outstanding wealth.
(4) Lord of 2nd house in 9th and 9th lord in 11th and 11th lord in turn in lagna combination giving rise to multi-millionaire.
(5) 5th lord in 5th with lord of 2nd 9th and 11th even one born in normal family can generate wealth equal to a king.
(6) 9th lord in 9th with lord of lagna 2nd and 5th combination of immense wealth.
(7) 11th lord in lagna, lagna lord in 2nd and 2nd lord in 5th or 9th equally important dhan yoga

Some yoga`s from classicals:

Some keys from BPHS :

Maharishi Parashara in BPHS says that the Kendras are specifically the houses of happiness and the Trikonas are the houses of Wealth and Prosperity. This is because Kendras are ruled by Vishnu, the sustainer and Trikonas are governed by Lakshmi, the giver of prosperity. 

Bhavartha Ratnakara

If the there’s a parivartana between either the 2nd and 5th lords or the 2nd and 11th lords, the native earns a lot. This is also true for the placement of the 5th and 9th lords in their own houses.

If the lords of 2nd and 11th are associated with lords of the 5th and 9th, dhana yoga results.

There’ll be loss of wealth if the 12th lord associates with the 2nd and 11th lords.

12th is the house of losses and association of the 12th lord (vyayesha) with the lords of the 2nd and 11th lords, shall cause loss of wealth. However, this cannot be interpreted as lack of wealth. This can be interpreted as the native shall earn wealth based on the association of the lords of the houses of wealth (2nd and 11th) with the houses of blessings of lakshmi (5th and 9th) or their inherent strength, however, the native has to face losses on unexpected ventures as indicated by the 12th house or 12th lord.

If the 1st, 2nd and 11th lords are in their own houses, a dhana yoga is formed

If the 2nd and 11th lords are in the lagna, a powerful dhana yoga results.

Other important factors which are to be examined for powerful yoga and wealth yoga are:

Divisional Chart (Navamasa D-9 and Dashmasha D-10).

Placement of Jupiter, Venus and Saturn for wealth
Strong Placement of Sun & Moon confers powerful raja yoga.

In the Navamamsa Chart(D-9), Vargottam planets play very important role and according to the Astrological texts they cause Raj Yoga and bestow very good results. But need to check one point here if dasha of same planet will come in life-span then result will be more enjoyable. But all above combination of raja yoga`s which I explained you, Need to check properly in D-9 & D-10.

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Wealth in horoscope or chart

Wealth in horoscope or chart

This is biggest and most common question of everyone. So today I will pick this "Wealth in Astrology." .A lot of of questions in your mind coming like wealth in a horoscope, when will i become rich astrology, planetary combination's wealth, wealth astrology, wealth vedic astrology, astrology money, financial astrology, horoscope wealth, vedic astrology reading wealth, planet of wealth in astrology, astrology wealth indicators, astrological combinations for wealth, Dhana yoga. As we know in Vedic astrology Laxmi house known as trik house generally a person links these houses from wealth, it is not correct. These houses shows laxmi blesses and how your luck will favors for wealth. If these houses are prominent, then prosperity will come surely. Wealth in Astrology is seen from mainly two houses, 2nd house and 11th house. As I already told a lot of time most important house for wealth and biggest desire fulfillment house is 11th house. 11th house is the most important house when looking for a big amount of wealth. 2nd house for daily or routine income that comes usually from daily jobs. It represents assets, accessories, any type of jewelry, lands. 11th house of astrology is all about gains, incoming gains, big gains, and big amount of money. If 11th house strong in the chart, then flows of money always will be good. 11th house fulfills our hopes & wishes. Hereneedto check karak of wealth alsoSaturn, Venus, Jupiter placement. Generally, every planet ableto give wealth but these planet prime karak planets. Any relation of 9,10,11 houses gives big amount of money.So whenever you want to see the amount of wealth in your chart look at 11thhouse on top pririty. What we need to check when concluding wealth or 11thouse.

1) Lord of 11 house placement

2) Nakshatra in 11th house
3) Aspect in 11th house
4) Sitting planet in 11th house
5) Conjunction of planets in 11th house.
6) Most important point is if 11th house making good connection with 2nd,5th, or 10th 
house makes great wealth or dhan yoga.
7) Ashtakwarg point of 11th house should be more from 10 house and 12th house point should be less from 11th house because if 12th house points is more ,then loss or expenditure will be more and it will create money problem.
8) Parivartan yoga gives  immense wealth if 11 lord placed in 2,5,9.

If anyone running the dasha of a planet in 11th house or its lord, then gains of wealth is prominent.(Depends on its strength)

11th house true wealth house, this is most important in terms of huge wealth & money and desire.

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Karkatwa in astrology


One of the most important points during prediction, after describing all planets results; I think I need to tell you karakatwa because without karakatwa prediction goes wrong.

Karakatwa of planets is an important chapter in astrology. General mistake by Astrologer I have seen ignores karaka placement or karkatwa in the chart and then prediction goes wrong. Actually, karkatwa plays an important role to the chart analysis. Karkatwa mean here is every planet have relation with particular house as well as have some unique quality like Venus is a prime karaka of marriage for men.

Example: Venus is karaka for marriage in men chart, and Jupiter is karaka of marriage in women charts. Sometimes astrologer analyzed chart on behalf of only 7th house, 2nd house some are more intelligent so check's D-9 and 11th house also and its lord placements and forget the analysis's karaka of marriage. In many chart, I have seen 7th house is damage but Venus is well placed on the chart with some other benefic aspects, They are enjoying their marriage with full of pleasure. The position of Venus, the strength of Venus, and influence of other planets on Venus are to be taken into consideration. So conclusion is always 1st point need to check karaka then other conditions. I will give brief details about this topic.

Sun   –         Atma (Soul), Father, Kingdom, Politics, Power, Gold, Horse, Fire, Valour, Courage, Wisdom.

Moon –        Mind, Mother, Clothes, Water, Comforts, Beauty, Milk  ,Destiny.
Mars –         Brothers / Sisters, Strength, Adventure, War, Lands, Agriculture.
Mercury –    Intellect, Business, Script, Mathematics, Poetry, Astrology, Education, Writer, Spokesperson.
 Jupiter –     Husband, Children, Mantra, Vedas, Devotion, temples ,Religion, Fame, Respect, Scholar, Finance, (nowadays, Banking and other related sectors also), Judiciary.
Venus –       Marriage, Spouse, Vehicles, Family, Pleasures, Music and other related fields, Enjoyment, Entertainment, Luxury.
Saturn –      Karma , Longevity , Servants, Bondage, Addictions, Theft, Sorrows, Justice .
Rahu –        Wisdom, Distant places, Detachment, Troubles, Languages .
Ketu –         Moksha, Miserliness, Disputes, Begging, Tantra-Mantra 

"Karakatwa of the House/bhava in order are:

o SUN                                              - 1st House or Ascendant  

o JUPITER                                     -  2nd  House
o MARS                                          -  3rd house 
o MOON/VENUS                          -  4th House
o JUPITER                                     -  5th House
o MARS                                          -  6th House
o VENUS                                        -  7th House
o SATURN                                     -  8th House
o JUPITER/SUN                           -  9th House
o MERCURY/SUN/SATURN      - 10th House 
o JUPITER/SATURN                   - 11th House
o SATURN/KETU                         - 12th House

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Now I am describing ketu last planet of my series of house wise results of all planet. I will cover ketu in astrology, influence of ketu, ketu and wealth, ketu in 12th house effects, effects of ketu in different houses, ketu in various houses, is ketu good or bad, ketu and its effects, ketu in is house is this benefic, ketu and black magic problem. Ketu is the planet generally peoples underestimates, but if you remember I told some time back when I was discussing about Venus. I clearly mentioned there any extraordinary hope, desire, work or anything ketu and Venus's support needed at least one support. Without these planets, you can be successful, but thing which makes you different from others only possible when these two planets well placed on the chart. (Because ketu has no boundaries).Ketu is dragon tail, It represents detachment, Imprisonment, suicide, grandfather, grandmother, eyes, tall stature(generally unusual), abuse, smoking habits, slim , supernatural, philosophy, government fines, dreams(mainly snakes dream), accident, evil spirit, diseases caused by insects, poisonous bite, religion, astrology, salvation, drugs, arrest, bankruptcy, injury, kidnapping, murder, punishment. Ketu represents the abdomen part of body. Diseases related with ketu are lung problems, fever, abdominal pain, body aches, epidemics, injuries, contusions, itching, ulcers, skin diseases etc..For Rahu-Ketu always carefully analyze nakshatra,sign and aspect(Specially placement in Kendra) .This will give you proper direction towards prediction.

BEEJ MANTRA FOR KETU-  “Om shram shreem shrom sah ketve namah “

1) Ketu in 1st house – 1st house ketu depends on various conditions because placement in most important house can give excellent heights or extreme poverty. It can give attitude of gentleness but with aggressive mood. Everything here dependent on 1st house lord  and nakshatra if it is well placed then definitely it gives very good results otherwise bad. It gives thin figure, weak structure, weak-hearted, slim, piles, tactful. Those people will be highly energetic. If Ketu is benefic in the first house, then it makes the native laborious, rich and happy Mr.Amitabh bachchan has this combination.

2) Ketu in 2nd  house – Not good placement for family life and for finance, daily or routine income surely fluctuates. Bad utterer, quick in awareness, irritable, hard-hearted. This placement gives bad attitude towards wife. Divorce and bad family life will give big setbacks. He may have to face problems during his primary education. He should not perform immoral acts for earning money.

3) Ketu in 3rd  house – This placement gives success in politics and one thing I observe, this gives very good fame but peoples never run for money, peoples doing activities for human being and earn lot of name fame. This placement makes fearless, daring, creative, affluent and very religious. A third house Ketu brings a profession including much traveling to the native. If Ketu benefic then, the native would be blessed with good children and would be a generous and kind person.

4) Ketu in 4th  house – loss of mother if moon also afflicted. If well placed then gives fame and mass popularity and relation with highly placed politician .It gives lot of lands. But piece in home is difficult with this placement. Argumentative, wicked, weak, fear of poisons. The benefic placement of Ketu in 4th house turns the native spiritual. He is lucky for his father and teacher as well.

5) Ketu in  5th  house – This is not good placement it disturbed progeny sometimes and if badly placed then due to some bad karmas in previous birth, this birth also faces lot of struggle. It can give in disappointment in love affairs. Loss of children. Less support from family and friends. This type persons easily faces tantra/magic related problems.

6) Ketu in 6th  house – Good placement  for ketu. It vanishes all enemies. Gives healthy body if well placed and job related with tantra or yoga teacher or saint/Healer. Ketu here good communicator, educated. It give intuition power also. Ketu provides a person with strength, determination, name and fame. A person with a sixth house Ketu is strong, both physically and mentally.

7) Ketu in 7th house- Real damager of marriage life even if this planet is weak may be court cases or marriage end with divorce. It gives  big differences with wife. Opposite nature of partner. For business point of view, it may help if mercury is also well placed. With the presence of a seventh house Ketu, a person may be very abusive.

8) Ketu in 8th  house – Accidents, struggling life. Marriage will suffer. Interest in tantra-mantra but person will be unclear, dull, optimistic, piles and similar troubles. There’s also a chance of contracting venereal diseases. He will get injury from some weapon.

9) Ketu in 9th  house – If ketu strongly placed here then really very good for religious or in politics field. This makes saint and highly religious person. But it is not good foreign travel. Differences with father also may see. The benefic placement of Ketu suggests that the native earns wealth only through hard work but luck favors after 32 year. Ketu in bahgyesh generally good results but slowly.

10) Ketu in 10th  house – This type person always want to do something different. But in general, Everyone consider 10th house ketu has very less potential. Because it is pure materialistic house, and materialism is not best suited for this planet. But it makes happy, religious, pilgrimage seeker of holy  places, fond of scriptures/vedas.

11) Ketu in 11th  house – If Jupiter and Saturn strong in the chart atleast one and ketu also well placed then it gives huge wealth. Such a person will excel as a ruler or a leader. He may also be good in administrative works.11th house also represents social circle but in social circle will be limited. A person with an eleventh house Ketu is believed to gain from everything. Such a person will most probably be fortunate, learned and well-dressed. If rahu strong in 5th and ketu strong in 11th then creates auspicious Raj yoga/dhan yoga.

12) Ketu in 12th house – Excellent placement for ketu. Because this is own house of ketu. Moksha, Piece and reform yourself is th key of this house and ketu always comfortable with these thing. It gives very good spiritual knowledge. Ketu in the 12th house in his horoscope is fond of travelling. Person desire to spend his energy on meditation, yogas etc.

Long back I describe full details of rahu-ketu. You can refer this page.

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