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Career is most important for everyone`s life. Career can give stable life to every human. Get your Career consultation from renowned astrologer “PRATEEK BHATT”.

Career Consultation with details question answer
Fees : 1100 or 50 $ (Telephonic Discussion)

10 year career report (Sample report)
Fees: 4000 INR or 125 $ for NRI

20 year career report
Fees: 7500 INR or 200 $ for NRI

So are you ready for personal horoscope or your horoscope readings with Mr.Prateek Bhatt

             रात में देखे गए सपनो के लिए भाग्य चाईए होता है 
                  और दिन में देखे गए सपनो के लिए दिन-रात मेहनत    -  प्रतीक भट्ट 

Articles on Career:
Check depth of your career from PRATEEK BHATT articles.

Career in Astrology:

Career in Politics:

10th house effects in Career: 

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