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Depression in Astrology

Depression , negativity, unknown fear, anxiety, Metal tensions, stress and worries all are part of health disease which comes under your mind and my website readers knows very well mind is our moon. Moon is think process or Man which may give relief or belief both depends on your moon hands. Depression in vedic astrology prime significator is Moon. In this article I will describe causes of depression in astrology or bipolar astrology.

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Why in current days depression disease increased?
Reason is very simple commercialization of values, hunger of money and desire of success in short span of time increases dissatisfaction in current days these all points comes under Rahu characteristics and Rahu is one of the planet which gives Grahan to moon, so it’s simple we are taking the food of Rahu that`s why we are growing as Rahu wants, its opposite Moon wants peace, stability and satisfactory life which is against Rahu nature and Rahu dominance over Kaliyug is one of the main reason these diseases because we are decreasing the power of MOON.

Depression in astrology chart can lead to emotional, psychological and physical problems. Why we tells meditation is required for depressed peoples, reason is simple we are trying to balance the power/energy of Rahu from Ketu, Ketu represent spirituality and Rahu dissatisfaction because Rahu and Ketu are two opposite nodes, ketu gives spirituality and balances the hunger or desire of Rahu.

Main Planets and Houses that caused depression

Moon: Moon is our thought if our thoughts are negative or our mind is not strong we will easily get affected from negativity.

Rahu: Rahu gives excessive desire of success, limelight, wealth, wine and sex these are  the reason is current days. Peoples thinks for short cut success and want to become successful overnight which is Rahu tendency which gives dissatisfaction and suicidal tendency also which we can easily see in glamour industry.

Saturn: Saturn represents sorrows, late success, late wealth which sometime end upto depression.  Saturn depression peoples always fade up with life and always feel low in life.

Ketu: Week ketu shows negativity and black magic, if this planet with Moon in 4th, 5th and 6th house chances is more. ketu causes anxiety and gives unknown fear for life.

Mercury: Mercury is positive planet represents confidence and communication if this planet is week in horoscope give depression, lesser talk with others, unable to express in front of world which gives depression. Mercury rules nerves, intelligence and communications and capabilities controlled by the brain.  Astrology and mental illness mainly depends on Mercury and moon.

Vargottam Planet is Real boon in astrology:

Ascendant: Overall body and brain represent by this house so any weakness of this house sometime gives these problems.

4th house: This house knows for happiness, family peace and mind behavior. Badly placed planet gives trouble to mind.

6th house: House of disease so this is one of the most important houses. Very week moon, mercury gives this problem sometime.

Astrological signs for depression or Sign for anxiety astrology:

Gemini (bipolar zodiac signs or zodiac sign most likely to be bipolar or bipolar Gemini woman or Gemini naturally bipolar or Gemini bipolar disorder or are most Geminis bipolar or bipolar Gemini man or zodiac sign most likely to be bipolar)
Scorpio (most bipolar zodiac sign)
Sagittarius (most bipolar zodiac sign or Sagittarius woman bipolar or Sagittarius and bipolar disorder)
Capricorn (Capricorn bipolar or Capricorn bipolar disorder or bipolar Capricorn man)

These are main signs mental illness astrological psychiatric breakthrough.

Importance of Nakshatra is most important read here:

In Astrology there is several combination of depression:
  • ·         Moon plays very important role in our life as it governs our emotions.
  • ·    Any disturbance to moon gives this problem specially moon with ketu or rahu may give madness in astrology or madness in vedic astrology.
  • ·         Mercury with ketu in 1st, 5th, 6, 8th house gives this problem.
  • ·     Ascendant represents brain and the manner in which brain thinks and works.
  • ·  Week 4th house gives depression related problem because 4th house represents mental peace, happiness and comforts.
  • ·      Moon in 6th, 8th or 12th houses are bad for this. Moon from 12 th house aspect 6th house depression aspects in astrology.
  • ·     Moon with Rahu or moon with ketu and moon with Saturn gives this problem sometimes it depends on many other factor as well.
  • ·   Vedic astrology schizophrenia or schizophrenia vedic astrology Combust mercury- Is indicator of mental and nervous disorders.
  • ·      Astrological combinations for schizophrenia Rahu and the Moon in the Lagna, and malefic in the trines. (i.e., “Pishacha Grasta” Yoga, a combination for being overtaken by the “spirits”, indicative of phobias.)

Planets and their Charity Daan:

Astrological remedies for depression or jyotish remedies for depression or astrological remedies for schizophrenia
  • ·         Astrological remedies for anxiety is moon, Wear pearl on Monday for Moon stone but after consultation of an astrologer.
  • ·         Best remedies of vedic astrology depression Engage yourself with work and peoples.
  • ·         Remedies to strengthen 4th house should be undertaken.
  • ·         Give water to Sun on every Sunday atleast.
  • ·       Astrological remedies for mental peace is or simple remedies for weak moon Give water to Shiv ji on Every Monday.
  • ·         Chant Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Ban daily.
  • ·         Do maa Durga Pooja and get relief from mental illness vedic astrology.
  • ·      Remedies to strengthen the Ascendant should be undertaken for astrological remedy for ocd or ocd vedic astrology.
  • ·         Remedies to strengthen the Moon should be undertaken.
  • ·     Astrological remedies for mental problems Donate milk, sugar, rice, white cloth to the needy.
  • ·    Do meditation and Pranayama for bipolar natal chart or bipolar disorder horoscope.
  • ·        Sometime astrological reason for depression is ketu, For weakness of Ketu do the worship of Maa BagulaMukhi.
  • ·       Some of lal kitab remedies for depression are good but most of them are you know just as similar as Lal Kitab (lal kitab upay for mental peace, lal kitab remedies for peace of mind).

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Rahu in Anuradha Nakshatra

Anuradha is one of the auspicious nakshatra which always gives nature of finding the truth of life, best suited nakshatra for Tantra, occult science and any kind of research or exploration.

Anuradha nakshatra represent Lotus in astrology which is symbol of success and grow in bad situation because Lotus grows in muddy or dirty water. This nakshatra gives people confidence and joy in life if well placed in the chart.

Anuradha nakshatra representing by Saturn, Saturn represent justice, law, principle, slow and steady growth, truth and large gains.

Rahu in Anuradha Nakshatra Pada 1(3° 20 – 6° 40): Rahu in anuradha nakshatra first pada falls on the Leo Navamsa which is ruled by the Sun. This rahu generally not give good results and peoples becomes self-oriented or self-centered for their success even sometime greedy for their goals and they have huge thirst for success and limelight which not comes  easily in the life if comes then comes from cheat. They are generally getting confuse and not good administrator. They generally feel proud on their virtual success because of day dreaming nature of Rahu.

Rahu in Anuradha Nakshatra Pada 2(6° 40′ -10° 00′): Rahu in anuradha naksatra chran 2 falls on the Virgo Navamsa which is ruled by Mercury. Rahu in charan 2 of anuradha nakshatra still gives good results and people become success late in life after age of 32. These people if Saturn and mercury well placed behave as goal oriented people which give easy success in life. These peoples have mathematical attitude and scientific nature. Saturn and Mercury if strong in the chart give success in occult science, astrology also. This Rahu gives immense success in politics, art, media sometime and occult/Tantra related activity.

Rahu in Anuradha Nakshatra Pada 3 (10° 00 -13° 20): Rahu in anuradha naksatra chran 3 falls on the Libra Navamsa which is ruled by Venus. This nakstara also not give much harm if well placed Saturn/mars and Venus in chart and they gets success in public domain but marriage life generally not shows good promises in this placement of rahu. The characteristic aspects include music, arts and the occult. They will get success in public domain or public related field because this conjunction makes them mass pulling identity.

Rahu in Anuradha Nakshatra Pada 4 (13° 20′ – 16° 40′): Rahu in anuradha naksatra chran 4 Scorpio falls in Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars. There may chances of findings hidden things or hidden pleasure of life. These often involves in occult/tantric related activity. These peoples some time harm themselves because of involvement in women and wine in their life. They can give the ability to achieve much if the rest of the nativity supports it. Sun, Jupiter, and Ketu are better suited to handling the energy of this pada. These peoples do well in medical related field also.

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