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Venus and Rahu Conjunction

Rahu with Venus means in cold drink (Thums up, pepsi) with salt means more scummy, you get your favourite tonic for energy boost up, so it will give you virtual fantasy, virtual luxury and virtual mind. In every female, men try to find out their Katrina, yes that`s problem of rahu.

                   शुक्र-राहु का मिलन या योग कहे कुछ ऐसा होता है , 
    जैसे वो गाना था "नज़रे मिली दिल धड़का मेरी धड़कन ने कहा लव यू राजा 
 heart emoticon wink emoticon smile emoticon बस मिले देखा और हो गया ....

Read your rahu effects in every houses:

Rahu Venus conjunctions have many meanings, if rahu and Venus conjunction well placed and aspect by Jupiter then you will get very beautiful wife as per your choice and get lot of pleasures and wealth from wife or in-laws. You will get easy success in fashion, entertainment, diamond traders, jewellery business, hotel industry, glamour industry easily and get limelight (rahu Venus conjunction fame), and becoming an iconic figure because Rahu and Venus both love the attention and glamorous lifestyle.  This conjunction can give huge amounts of wealth and assets if it occurs in good houses such as 11th house or Venus making any dhan yoga in the chart depending upon Nakshatra/sign/house. Rahu and Venus in 9th and 12th house the person may get foreign partner.

Venus rahu conjunction vedic astrology shows spouse will be from different culture or foreign lands or totally unknown girl will meet you and you will felt on love with her, If rahu dominance then low caste from you but if Venus dominance then upper caste or equal caste from you. If rahu Venus conjunction in navamsa also bad then need to do worship and care.

But if it is badly placed then marriage will break, lot of affairs, extra marital and bad for you profession. You may involve in women/ wine business, may involve in prostitution, may involve in immoral deeds, may involve in drugs and black money etc.

Peoples especially female with Venus conjunction with rahu are quite magnetic and attractive, especially when this conjunction occurs in the 1st, 2nd and 7th House. Opposite sex peoples easily fall in love with these conjunction peoples. Venus is the wife in a men chart. If men have this conjunction he may get a wife who is full of worldly desire. Venus is the wife in a men chart. If men have this conjunction he may get a wife who is full of worldly desire. 
Rahu shukra yuti gives passion for Diplomacy, Ornaments, Beauty, Music, Art and Design, extraordinary fashion sense, outside relationships. One will take risks (Rahu) and earns lot of wealth and luxury. The native is often magnetically attractive looking.

Karatwa in astrology:

Rahu Venus conjunction in each house or effects of Venus rahu conjunction:
  1. Rahu Venus in 1st house or Venus rahu conjunction in 11th house: Beautiful face and attractive, highly ambitious.
  2. Rahu Venus in 2nd house or Venus rahu conjunction in 2nd house: Venus rahu combination in 2nd house gives disharmony in marriage but much wealth from routine job.
  3. Rahu Venus in 3rd house or Venus rahu conjunction in 3rd house: Quarrels with co-born and less confidence.
  4. Rahu Venus in 4th house or Venus rahu conjunction in 4th house: Unstable family life, less peace and pain from partner’s father or in-laws.
  5. Rahu Venus in 5th house or Venus rahu conjunction in 5th house: Venus rahu combination in 5th house gives trouble in child and lot of affairs.
  6. Rahu Venus in 6th house or Venus rahu conjunction in 6th house: Disharmony with co-workers, lot of mental tension and worries and ill health especially urinary related.
  7. Rahu Venus in 7th house or Venus rahu conjunction in 7th house: Extra martial, benefits from family, more than 1 marriage and huge gains but sudden loss in business. Extreme desire of love and sex.
  8. Rahu Venus in 8th house or Venus rahu conjunction in 8th house: Hidden worries, hidden disease in lower part of body, Master of occult science and astrology. Benefits from inlaws and beautiful female intraction and bonding.
  9. Rahu Venus in 9th house or Venus rahu conjunction in 9th house: Loss or difference with father, if well placed then good otherwise luck will not support you.
  10. Rahu Venus in 10th house or Venus rahu conjunction 10th house: Venus rahu combination 10th house shows profession with media, glamour, fashion, hotel, entertainment industry if well placed then well-known figure otherwise full life struggle in these profession.
  11. Rahu Venus in 11th house or Venus rahu conjunction 11th house: Venus rahu combination gives huge gains from partnership, sudden wealth but loss also there if not well placed.
  12. Rahu Venus in 12th house or Venus rahu conjunction 12th house: Luxury prone will harm you in later part of life because you will finish you savings in enjoy before age of 50. Try to be spiritual and balance you Venus.
Remedies for Rahu venus conjunction:
  • Stay away from immoral males/females.
  • Chant mantra of rahu from yourself 11000 times.
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rahu and Mercury Conjunction

Rahu and mercury is one of the important conjunctions which tell lot about individual and generally astrologers forget to calculate or give less weightage to this conjunction. Why this conjunction important, after Jupiter only benefic mercury is a planet which can control rahu excessiveness and know how to use rahu excess desire in positive way. Again you guys will ask me, how? Because first of all rahu believes in mercury because both are good friends and Rahu likes mercury sharpness and mercury is our sharp intellect and most of time consider as benefic planet if well placed. In this situation mercury uses full energy of rahu to deliver best politician, business tycoon, big exporter, share market kings. These native will have fiery speech quality, vigorous, explosive, energetic, and influencing speech, this quality you can see in Indian PM Narendra Modi and he utilize power of mercury and rahu in 2014 Indian Election because well placed mercury aspecting 5th house rahu. Mercury rahu connection gives cleverness and sharpness to read peoples mind or demands and represent him on same frame only.

Rahu in conjunction with mercury peoples are very clever and have excellent communication skills which enable them to do anything and take full advantage of any situation they like, especially in the fields of shares, advertising, politics, promoter, sales-marketing, public relations, and public speaking. 

Conjunction of rahu and mercury increases power of mercury because its desire of achieving anything is extraordinary. Rahu utilizes Mercury's intelligence in speech; these peoples very witty and attractive in their speech, clever in a sense.

Rahu mercury conjunction (rahu with mercury) in 10th house gives extreme power and fame in life. This conjunction gives style of communication, expression, magnified, provocative and dramatic nature.

Mercury with Rahu (rahu mercury yuti) gives imagination, highly ambitious, willingness to experiment and revolutionary ideas but If Mercury is malefic, then this gives fraud, scam, and controversial career, lack of proper judgement in crisis, useless loose talk, frustration, monotony, repetitive, fickle mind and copied thoughts.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ownership Opportunities in Office Premises that we generally overlooked

I wrote lot of astrological articles but i think i need wrote some different article which directly applicable in our daily life. In real world, we need to pick every opportunity on right time. How we need to improve professionally, i know you peoples already smart and knows "MERCURY" is king of all these but today no talk about astrology, only real time improvement in life. How we need to catch opportunity, we have some good examples such as Narendra Modi he picked as a CM & he converted that opportunity into post of PM.

This article headline is very simple meaning, but it presents a huge opportunity that most people miss. Well, to start with this, I would like to present an example:

Let’s take a look at the difference between a career and a job. When you think about “career” as opposed to “job” you are more likely to get serious! After all, “career” suggests long-term and promising rewards. The same thing I can connect to Ownership opportunities & assigned opportunities. Ownership opportunities in office premises give you long term gain and success in your job.

Taking any opportunities in office or anywhere, our commitment & determination matters, where we want to go or how we want to proceed in career is important. We want to go as per the flow of a river or navigation can change as per our desire and goals.

Taking ownership means standing up and announcing that you are responsible for executing a particular task or project. Sometimes taking ownership will just mean being accountable for a project within your job description. In that case, taking ownership isn’t terribly remarkable.

But there are other times when taking ownership means doing things outside of your job description. In fact, it means doing the stuff no one else wants to do. Taking ownership also means making an active and enthusiastic commitment. If you usually take on a task only because you have to, you’re not making much of an impression.

Why out of box ownership opportunity in office is important?

Here meaning of “out of box” ownership is not your assigned role or assigned job description. Basically, when you take ownership of a task or project, you’re telling whoever is in charge, “Don’t worry, I got this.” You’re taking something off their plate and putting it on yours. That is any busy person’s fantasy. If there’s a difficult or unpleasant task, then the person in charge probably isn’t keen on doing it personally and is also dreading the task of finding someone else to do it. It also adds one more difficult thing to his or her rapidly growing to-do list. When you stand up and say, “I’ll do it, no problem,” you’ve just killed some major anxiety. Everyone loves an anxiety killer.

With this attitude you’re establishing your reputation as the problem solver. In this case, boss and team totally dependent on you which makes you different from others. You own those tasks, so the boss doesn’t have to worry about them. In other words, taking ownership makes you a leader.

Example: Is the glass half empty or half full?

We can see this from two ways, positive and negative:

·         Glass is only filled with half water

·         Half water in the glass. (mean rest of free we can use )

Opportunity always presents everywhere, it`s just a matter of our vision or from which frame we seen.

Normally peoples thinks when particular responsibility assign to me, I will start. Why we are not initiating and take the Opportunities. We know, this is not easy every time but

“Everything was difficult before it became simple” even for all of us starting year of school “A B C D or table of 7 9 was tough” J

This is totally depends on our perception, how we thinks for any Opportunities or from which frame we want to see the opportunity.

Reasons, why we overlooked those opportunities:

·         Easy going.

·         Fear of failure.

·        Why I take more work, I will do only my assign work successfully.

·      Lack of enthusiasm and confidence. This is the main reason to take ownership in the office.

Leader leads from front, they accept challenges and convert opportunity into victory.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rahu and Mars Conjunction

One word for rahu mars conjunction vedic astrology, this is not easy to handle conjunction in 98 % cases (rahu mars conjunction in lagna is very bad). Peoples founds so much energy but not getting appropriate results. Energy wasted in aggressiveness, gangster line etc or Energy wasted in nonsense tasks only. They don’t know how to use their energy and dareness. Peoples suffer like anything except mars himself extreme strong in the chart or Jupiter taking charge of horoscope and controlling rahu otherwise no chance.

Conjunction of rahu and mars gives excessiveness to individual it may depends on house where this placed. Peoples addict to do particular thing again and again which is harmful for them. They addicted by wrong thing such as spread terror and involve in wrong deeds.

They involves in any mission who is not suitable for public and family life, this conjunction will be good and may give you chance as soldier, policeman, and athlete.

Rahu is virtual means fake dream and mars is fighter so this conjunction gives fake assumption to individual and  peoples thinks they can rule the world or fake leader such as saddam Hussain etc.  They will go full charge without realizing their own strength. This quality can be great for a boxer, wrestler, or any other kind of athletics.

With Mars and Rahu together, there will be the courageous pursuit of goals which are larger than life, a desire to succeed at all costs, and rushing into situations without a plan.  This combination creates the aspiration of achieving for personal gain, and puts attainment above else. Victories on a large scale are the target.
Mars rahu conjunction in astrology quality is:
  • Mars and rahu combination gives physical Over-reaching
  • Mars and rahu together may give you extraordinary desire for anything
  • Taboo-breaking competitions
  • Fraudulent or camouflaged pursuit,
  • Challenge seeker, freak and termagant
  • It gives tendency for competitive, sporting, muscular, dancing, fiery, innovative, inventive, pioneering, first-arrive movements.
  • Sexual pursuit or sex excessiveness. Males and females may have numerous partners; females often superb dancers.
  • Not afraid of bloodbath, fights, or confrontation.
  • One will take risks (Rahu) and break rules (Rahu) in order to achieve dominance in competition. Corrupted builder’s also good example of that.
  • Mars with rahu may produce excellent athlete, hatha-yogi, or dancer
Remedies for mars and rahu
  • Chant Shiv amogh kavach
  • Chant Bajranf ban and sunderkand
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