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Jupiter Mahadasha in Astrology

Ø 100 problems in life, no solution of any problem, struggling period in finance, service mean Jupiter is not happy with you.
Ø Wealth, happiness, post and fame everything in your life with stability means (Point should be noted here “with stability”) strong Jupiter in the chart.

Why i said these two points above?
Answer is very simple, many times I described to my learners or readers, there is only two planets among all who are balancing your horoscope energy one of them is Jupiter another one Sun. One should be strong in the chart.

Jupiter Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology gives all around success in life because this planet not gives strong results only even it balances your chart as well. Jupiter mahadasha duration for 16 years.

Read Jupiter effect on each sign and house:

What is mahadasha of Jupiter?
Meaning of Jupiter mahadasha, Jupiter mahadasha good or bad it depends on many factors. Jupiter mahadasha vedic astrology lasts for 16 years and consider as one of the most auspicious times in the native's life because this is time when we will find out our best soul-mate, best jobs, luck, gains, teachers, philosophy, religion, spiritual success, long distance travel, education, learning wealth, and children and all these are very prime for everyone but all these situations for well-placed Jupiter, if weak may give troublesome time. Jupiter represents husband in a girl horoscope besides 7th house. Jupiter rules knowledge, intelligence, patience, service, government sector, liver, arteries, feet, right ear on a human body. Good Jupiter results comes slowly in his dasha period not in beginning of Jupiter mahadasha.Jupiter mahadasha gives very good education but if badly placed Jupiter dasha comes then it give breaks in education.

Before concluding completely,we should check Jupiter Nakshatra/Degree/House/Sign//conjunction/Aspect and yoga. House wise 4/5/9/10/11th house placed Jupiter gives good results and 2nd, 7th and 8th placed Jupiter usually doesn't do well.

Jupiter is a most benefic planet among all, Jupiter main period shows amount of wealth. People will be very happy during Guru Maha dasa and they will see stable life. Name-fame, progress and respect in society will increase in Jupiter time period. Chances of marriage in Jupiter period and birth of Son in family, normally strong Jupiter shows strong son also. Their children will perform well on their life. Jupiter makes us multi-talented and knowledgeable. When Jupiter is malefic in horoscope, Jupiter dasha will develop Thyroid,
diabetics, gain weight,  stomach problem manly in liver. Whenever vimshottari mahadasha of Jupiter coming as a malefic mahadasha for a women, it is much worse than of a men.

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Good Jupiter mahadasha effects or Jupiter mahadasha good effects:
  • Result of mahadasha of Jupiter gives success and wealth.
  • Jupiter mahadasha period shows interest in worship of god, religion, study of veda, jyotish, shastras and performing good deeds for society.
  • Jupiter mahadasha results gives the company of good people, guru, saints, be devoted to elders and may perform pious deeds.
  • Mahadasha of Jupiter gives respect in the society.
  • Impact of Jupiter mahadasha may give intuition knowledge and knowledge of the past and future.
  • Jupiter mahadasha phal gives land, clothes and vehicles.
  • Jupiter mahadasha benefits shows wealth and fame will be acquired.
  • During the Maha Dasha of Jupiter, very good job or position involving authority post seen.
  • Jupiter mahadasha marriage shows good promises.
  • Son birth events during mahadasha of Jupiter may attain.
  • Jupiter mahadasha effects shows Wealth and kingdom lifetime.

 Bad effects:
  • Debilitated Jupiter mahadasha gives liver related issues.
  • Jupiter mahadasha time period gives mental anxiety may cause physical pain.
  • Jupiter mahadasha bad effects shows thieves may cause loss of wealth.
  • Weak Jupiter mahadasha gives friendship with less morale peoples.
  • A remedy for mahadasha of Jupiter is worship of lord Vishnu.
  • Weak Jupiter or ill placed Jupiter gives pain and liver related issues.
  • Breaks in education and problem of concentration, less knowledge.

You can read this article in hindi also jupiter mahadasha hindi (jupiter mahadasha in hindi/ mahadasha of jupiter in hindi) or jupiter mahadasha remedies hindi/ Jupiter mahadasha remedies. You can check Jupiter mahadasha nivaran mantra or Jupiter mahadasha nivaran in my website in article page.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rahu Mahadasha in Astrology

Rahu mahadasha duration for 18 years or rahu mahadasha time for 18 years. Rahu Mahadasha in Vedic astrology is most unpredictable (rahu mahadasha predictions) or not easy to analyse dasha in astrology. Untrained astrologer even some time trained astrologer also fail to analyse this dasha because of Rahu nature and behaviour. Rahu is virtual planet so its mahadasha also many times shows virtual results , even in simple terms well placed TAURUS  Rahu mahadasha not gives good results in many charts. This is the reason, I said many times Magic of rahu unpredictable, it is not as easy as other planet mahadasha, rahu mahadasha good or bad need to analyse carefully. Rahu not only gives negative effects many times I have seen rahu mahadasha positive effects also. (rahu mahadasha difficult years illusions)

Rahu (rahu dasha predictions) known for unpredictability because of virtual planet. In western astrology known as north node of the moon. This is one of the cleverest, Opportunist and selfish virtual planets. In his dasha period one can get success as entrepreneur, politician, magician, illusion, mass communication, in foreign trade, foreign travel desires, foreign things, foreign girls, exotic things, scientist, computer and share-market, wine or illegal business, Spirituality, healer may be fake healer, Astrologer.

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What is rahu dasha: Rahu Mahadasha gives unknown path for life, peoples in this time confuse from their own identity or sometimes this dasha gives over anxiety and over ambition which turn into frustration for life. Dasha of rahu often happens at an unconscious level and can put the person in mysterious and unforeseen circumstances. This rahu dasha many times gives extra ordinary growth in spirituality and astrology too.

Exalted rahu mahadasha people generally thinks will be very good for his life and success but no this is not fact because rahu is virtual planet it get impacted hugely from outsource situations such as aspect, conjunct, degree and nakshatra. Rahu mahadasha effects on marriage also some time badly affected and sometimes give extreme benefit if rahu well placed.

Debilitated rahu mahadasha also have some case sometimes people thinks this rahu dasha will be one of the worst mahadasha of my life but no it not happens always. This mahadasha gives lot many times.

In this dasha (rahu ki dasha) native mind doesn’t stay stable and can travel lot in foreign lands. When one runs through the mahadasha of Rahu then desire to succeed and desires to get all the material gains increases within the native. Rahu runs for easy and early success, rahu dasha comes in early age and destroys people’s hard-work and sometimes study also but later age rahu dasha gives good success in public platform and in politics.

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As I told in earlier many rahu`s articles, It is always better to have Rahu alone in your horoscope gives good results. The native can also go towards computers or computer engineering, if rahu in Venus sign or nakshatra then it can make a person very famous or well-known celebrity. Rahu desires fame, especially in the sign that represents fame. 

Overall I can say Rahu dasha bad and good depends on many points but one point I can say in both cases native is never satisfied during Rahu's dasha no matter how much success, fame, money they get. This rahu main period gives occupations indicated include broker work, planner for organization, diplomatic jobs, jobs requiring manipulation of facts, wine-women related, computing, political work, engineering, pilots, and dealing with poison and drugs. When Rahu is weak it indicates health problems with diseases of hidden parts and sexual parts, intestines, skin, nervous system, ulcer, blood pressure, mental disturbances and cancer. You can check now your dasha from rahu mahadasha calculator (rahu dasha calculator) and rahu mahadasha details.

Good Rahu mahadasha effects or rahu mahadasha good effects:
  • Rahu will give excellent results in politics and public dealings.
  • During the excellent Maha Dasha of Rahu, one may attain wealth.
  • Rahu mahadasha benefits pious deeds are performed.
  • Rahu is exalted in Taurus, Gemini and a Mool Trikona in Cancer, Aquarius and a friendly planet in Aries gives benefic results of Rahu.
  • In Rahu mahadasha high position may attain.
  • There may be a change of job, and residence abroad is possible.
  • In rahu mahadasha marriage (rahu dasha marriage) is not suggested.
  • In this period need to worship of lord shiv is best rahu mahadasha ke upay or remedy or rahu mahadasha pooja.
  • Rahu mahadasha last phase gives some business benefits.
Bad Rahu mahadasha effects:
  • During rahu mahadasha depression may come.
  • One may suffer due to weakness, venereal diseases, hidden disease, and urinary ailments.
  • During Rahu mahadasha divorce seen in many cases or differences in relationships.
  • There may be fear due to the tax-cheating, cheating by thieves and destruction of one's family.
  • Fear of those in authority, upheavals in business and loss of job is possible or rahu mahadasha and job has connection to each other.
  • Mental agony, enmity with relatives and cheating by friends or husband/wife is possible.
  • Badly placed Rahu mahadasha phal shows fear and defame.
  • Women may cause of defame.
  • Rahu mahadasha end or rahu mahadasha last bhukti gives extra relationships.
  • rahu mahadasha effects on marriage rahu mahadasha and marriage or rahu effects on marriage is not good atleast stability wise not good.
  • rahu mahadasha sade sati not good on same time.
You can read this article in hindi also rahu mahadasha hindi or rahu mahadasha remedies hindi. You can check rahu mahadasha nivaran mantra or rahu mahadasha nivaran in my website in article page.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mars Mahadasha or Mars Mahadasha in Astrology

Mars mahadasha lasts for 7 years or mars mahadasha duration for 7 year. Mars mahadasha one of the important mahadasha because this mahadasha gives power, energy, stamina, ability to fight and courage which is needed for each and every person in this world.

Read Mars effects in each house:

Mars Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology(mars mahadasha horoscope) if favourable then gives lot of gains in land/property, government job, administrative post, power and supports from brother. These peoples strong decision maker, bold, courageous and free will. They will do things differently and they don’t want interference of anyone. These people do well in government sector, property dealings, military, martial arts, sports, weapons, fire jobs. There would be great enthusiasm of being a patriot where people even join the military or police force
On other side without strong mars people cannot do well in sports, army even then in yoga also. In Vedic astrology mars is the warrior within us and he is ready to defend what we believe in.

As per my experience most of army-man, policemen, property dealer, fire fighters and even criminal have mars in the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 10th house. Mahdasha of 10th house placed mars most of time give good results because this is one of the favourable houses of mars. Mars mahadasha gives tremendous heights in any field if placed in 10th house.

Read Mars in each Sign:

Mars mahadasha benefits usually make the person bold and give them will power to take action and risk during the 7 year time period. But judging a dasha is not only seen from the ascendant, but also the moon sign, d9 chart and putting the maha dasha lord as the ascendant. 

Good mars mahadasha effects:
  • Mars mahadasha interpretation shows high energy and confidence.
  • Power, post and administration seen in his dasha
  • Mahadasha of mars gives government job, political power seen in this dasha.
  • Interest in sports and success also seen in this dasha period.
  • Good time for business of property dealings and land acquisition.
  • Fame in courageous deeds may be attained.
  • Home vehicle increases in this dasha.
  • Exalted mars mahadasha gives good gains.
  • Mars ki mahadasha or mangal mahadasha in jyotish gives land benefits.
  • During mars mahadasha marriage also possible.

Badly placed mars mahadasha effets:
  • Pain in in joints or fracture.
  • High blood pressure with lot of angernees.
  • Pain in the eyes, kidneys and urinary organs may occur.
  • Mars mahadasha period sometimes gives imprisonment and loss of wealth.
  • Mars mahadasha results shows financial instability persists.
  • Bad mars mahadasha gives fear from authority, domestic quarrels, and enmity with spouse, children, and relatives is possible.
  • Mangal mahadasha effects shows problems from thieves, fire, bondage, etc.
  • There may be pain due to acidity, blood infection and fever resulting in unconsciousness.
  • Mars mahadasha effects and remedies do thr pooja of lord Hanumaan.
  • During combust mars mahadasha need to worship of lord Ram and Hanumaan.
  • Debilitated mars mahadasha bad for native.
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You can read this article in hindi also mars mahadasha effects in hindi.
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Moon Mahadasha in Astrology

Moon in Vedic astrology knows as our man, so its dasha is very important because “MAN KE AAGE JEET HAI” (मन के आगे जीत है)

Moon mahadasha or moon vimshottari mahadasha for 10 years in a native's life. Moon in Vedic astrology represents mother, luck, intelligence, emotions, intuitions, feelings, imagination, spiritual growth, intuition power, nourishment, the way we think, comfort, fertility and public life. Moon is prime significator of luck and mother and worldly pleasure. Moon is important planet for public life and easy success without much effort. You guys heard lot of time he/she born with silver spoon (Silver is moon), that is the reason I told you Moon is prime planet for worldly pleasure and easy success in the life.

Moon dasa effects represent extreme growth in the life mainly in money, satisfaction and home-vehicles comes in moon dasha if well placed in the horoscope. Moon mahadasha predictions or moon mahadasha phal are not very easy to predict because this is one of fastest moving planet in astrology. Moon is perceived to be a supreme planet with purity and trueness besides which it expresses the divinity and wisdom. Moon period would be more than emotional, intuitive, and concerned with home, mother and public life. Strong moon gives success in business in cloth market, management, politics, medical line and sweets shop. Moon plays important role during moon mahadasha sade sati.

Effects of Moon in each sign:

Why moon is very important planet for public life? Moon is very emotional planet and we cannot do welfare work for society if we are not emotionally attached with peoples.
Moon mahadasha horoscope known as royal planet that`s why we knows Moon represent beauty, charm and fantasy besides which it represents the goodness. The period of Moon or Chandra would be highly influenced with the presence of fantasies and dreams.

Moon mahadasha interpretation: Moon is one of the planet in astrology with mercury who easily get disturb or easily get strength from sign/nakshatra where placed because moon is most sensitive planet among all. People would emerge intellectual in this period and would attain acknowledgement and good positions in the Mahadasha of moon along with the good support of all. Social, political and financial heights would grow further and it would bring happiness and immense satisfaction to the person. Moon dasha chandra mahadasha predictions either gives extreme satisfaction in the life or dissatisfaction in the life. Business related to flowers, gardening and agriculture would bring good profit and traveling could also be a part of this period.
A weak and adverse placement of Moon or Chandra in the horoscope chart could bring laziness and could make the native confront quarrels and conflicts besides which he/she would repel good pursuits and all of these would happen along with the gradual decrease in wealth.

Pitra Dosha in astrology:
Good effects:

  • Moon mahadasha benefits in home pleasure and motherly love will be received in dasha.
  • Happiness and a good position may be attained due to the favour of those in authority.
  • Moon mahadasha effects shows Businesses of flowers mat settle in moon dasha.
  • One may enjoy the pleasing company of young females and the joy of acquiring wealth, land, flowers, incense and ornaments.
  • Mahadasha of moon gives status and fame in society may increase.
  • Moon mahadasha period gives modesty, benevolence and other good habits will increase.
  • The mind may be lively and restless.
  • The birth of a daughter is possible.
  • Water related work, gardening and agriculture will be profitable.
  • One may wish to travel.
  • Honours will be received from the state and the mind will be overjoyed due to the attainment of water borne products.
  • During the Mahadasha of the Moon, the person may gain financially from water, milk, and cloths related business. 
  • Moon gives growth in spirituality.
Bad effects: 

  • If the Moon is weak, then physical pain may be caused by cough and gastric ailments and seasonal disease.
  • Mind related disease and over anxiety.
  • Depression or fickle mind.
  • Weak moon mahadasha gives laziness increase and one may be a loss of wealth.
  • Moon mahadasha in astrology gives quarrels and arguments with dear ones.
  • In chandra mahadasha Mental happiness may prevail.
  • Debilitated moon mahadasha gives venereal and urinary ailments relate disease.
  • Moon mahadasha remedies or chandra mahadasha remedies/chandra mahadasha upay worship of lord Shiv.               

Magic of trikona house:
You can read moon mahadasha in hindi or moon ki mahadasha in hindi from translator given in this website (right side).

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