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Rahu moon conjunction in astrology

Moon rahu conjunction vedic astrology called as “Grahan Yoga”. This yoga consider very bad in astrology but in sometimes this yoga give huge fan following like Mahatama Gandhi, reason behind is in astrology any planet among 9 can make you king of world or any conjunction also. No conjunction is completely bad or good, as I told in Rahu-Sun conjunction also may give extreme heights in politics. Moon with rahu may give extreme fan following because moon is planet of public and very fast moving luxurious royal planet when this conjunction placed strongly in chart then makes royal and successful public figure.

Mahadasha of moon in astrology:

Moon is our man (Mind) and when your man is strong then you can achieve anything because you can accomplish any task. Many peoples have potential to reach extreme heights in life but problem is “man” (Mind) is not ready for that. This man, rahu know how to utilize because rahu is very clever planet if positive effects in horoscope then you will become god of world or if bad conjunction in horoscope then your life becomes most painful life.

Rahu is planet of rule breaking and unusualness, and when it comes in close conjunction with the Moon, gives huge damage to mind. This is why conjunction gives unrealistic expectations for themselves and others. Rahu is that uncontrollable desire within us, and when the mind or Moon is sitting with him, there is an emotional unbalance in nature. These people have lust for lime light, luxurious life, sex, relationships and exploration. If this moon rahu conjunction in navamsa or moon rahu conjunction in D-9 chart that also bad for marriage life. Moon rahu conjunction in Scorpio is extremely bad for native specially for women.

Mahadash of Rahu in astrology:

Moon rahu combination astrology especially for women shows some pain will be from your children side such as you will not play true role of mother or you hearted by your children badly. Moon represents women in astrology, so i saw its major impact on women life.

Rahu and moon together may lead in some cases to mental illness or extreme emotional states caused by the highly psychic and sensitive nature of the person which may give full life struggle and sorrow. This conjunction gives addictive life style; peoples may addict from wrong things. This conjunction gives full life depends on drugs such as sleeping pills if badly placed.

Chandra rahu yuti (chandra rahu yuti in hindi) person will like the glamour, sex, lime-light, easy gains, crazy, over the top, and fame. Rahu is depicted as a Dragon’s head which just wants to swallow everything and when with the Moon-which is one’s most ingrained way of behaving, these people can easily become frustrated and stray into addictions.

Rahu moon same house gives very unpredictable and dramatic life because Rahu is planet of drama and moon is very sensual planet and that sensuality and easiness of moon, rahu utilizes. This conjunction woman may involve in many relationship because they can’t easily differentiate relationship and involving in more n more. This conjunction sudden gives fame because of controversy specially moon rahu conjunction in Taurus can do magic in life extreme unpredictable ups down in life.

Mars mahadasha in astrology:

Men are very attracted to Moon Rahu women, because rahu with moon attracts others and with weak moon women easily comes in relationship. Moon represents feminine energy which Rahu completely utilizes. Rahu is also always hungry, so these women tend to feel like their emotional needs are never fully satisfied, so they need more and more and can be often in a state of discontent and emotionalism. Moon in conjunction with rahu gives unsatisfied life and relationship.

Moon rahu conjunction effects on each house:

Moon rahu conjunction in 1st house or moon and rahu in 1st house: Chandra rahu yuti in 1st house gives struggles and bad childhood. Moon rahu conjunction in first house or moon rahu conjunction in lagna sometime gives very early success in media entertainment industry in short time frame spread worldwide but suddenly they retired and involved in other work or may felt in some mental illness.

Moon rahu conjunction in 2nd house or moon and rahu in 2nd house: This chandra rahu yuti in 2nd house gives passion for valuable treasuries but this yoga gives vani dosh and greediness for other wealth and peoples over misery sometime. This house conjunction is not good for marriage as well.

Moon rahu conjunction in 3rd house or moon and rahu in 3rd house: This chandra rahu yuti in 3rd house may give passion for communication/media. These peoples often want media and lime light attraction. This conjunction destroys relationship with co-born.

Moon rahu conjunction in 4th house or moon and rahu in 4th house: chandra rahu yuti in 4th house may give passion for property, vehicle but it destroys family peace relation with mother and husband/wife.

Moon rahu conjunction in 5th house or moon and rahu in 5th house: chandra rahu yuti in 5th house gives passion in share/unearned money, politics, celebrity, games, satta. This conjunction in this house gives lot of unstable relationship mean so many breakups and physical relationships. This conjunction gives abortion or child related problems as well.

Moon rahu conjunction in 6th house or moon and rahu in 6th house: chandra rahu yuti in 6th house shows hidden diseases, anxiety which can trouble you extreme depression. This yoga gives victory over enemies but not good relation with colleagues and frequent job changes in life.

Jupiter mahadasha in astrology:

Moon rahu conjunction in 7th house or moon and rahu in 7th house: chandra rahu yuti in 7th house gives lot of partnership in business and in personal relationship. Marriage couple never be satisfied from each other. Chances of extra martial affairs will be there. Partner nature will be opposite and frequent quarrels, disharmony.

Moon rahu conjunction in 8th house moon and rahu in 8th house: chandra rahu yuti in 8th house shows secret relationships with many. This yoga shows extreme anxiety and bad health. This conjunction in 8th house may give accident and disharmony in marriage. Interest in Tantra and occult science.

Moon rahu conjunction in 9th house or moon and rahu in 9th house: chandra rahu yuti in 9th house gives passion for philosophy, preaching but this is really one of the worst position for this conjunction. This conjunction may give you height at some stage of life but lot of struggles, breaks and sorrow will come in life.

Moon rahu conjunction in 10th house or moon and rahu in 10th house: chandra rahu yuti in 10th house shows success in leadership work. Those people who are involved in public domain this is best suited placement if well placed in chart. This conjunction gives long lasting fame best example is Mahatama Gandhi.

Moon rahu conjunction in 11th house or moon and rahu in 11th house: chandra rahu yuti in 11th house gives sudden gains in life, unexpected achievements which peoples generally not deserves.

Moon rahu conjunction in 12th house or moon and rahu in 12th house: chandra rahu yuti in 12th house shows interest in personal privacy. Moon in 12th house consider as one of the worst position in vedic astrology, this conjunction really bad for life stability. These conjunctions peoples never satisfy from life and always unbalance either highly involve in bed pleasure or highly involved in spiritual side.

Remedy of Moon with Rahu or rahu chandra yuti remedies:
  • Lord shiv worship is best pooja for this yoga. Pouring milk on shiving on Saturday and Monday required.
  • We need to avoid excessive luxurious life especially many link-ups and relationship needs to avoid.
  • Respect and care to mother and older women.
  • Moon rahu conjunction birth chart Keep good relations with in laws also improve eccentric nature of Rahu.
  • Wearing pearl and silver good for increasing power of moon.
  • Gomed is the stone of Rahu.
  • Maa durga is the deity of Rahu. Goddess durga protect us destroy our fear, anger and darkness of life. By worshipping maa durga removes struggle and negativity of Rahu.
  • Rahu Strotra or 18000 time rahu mantra need to chant
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  1. I have rahu and moon in 6th house in birthchart.lord of 6th house is moon in birth chart.should i wear gomed- jinu

  2. I have rahu and moon in 6th house in birthchart.lord of 6th house is moon in birth chart.should i wear gomed- jinu

  3. I have rahu and moon in 9th house capcicorn and feel miserable and depressed all the time .

  4. I have chandra rahu yuti in 2nd house as i feel depressed and lifeless all the time.
    Over sensitivity and emotional behaviour ruining my life.
    Please help!!

  5. When you are going through a tough time in life (everyone goes through it by the way!), it automatically does not mean it's because of rahu moon yuti. For e.g., your actions in this birth, knowingly, could sometimes directly contribute to the misery.

  6. I have Rahu and moon at 8 house and sani;ketu;and budh at 3 house I depress every time what is care I done

  7. I also hv rahi and moon in eleventh is depressing bt I always stay focussed and motivated

  8. Suresh M r I have rahu Chandra combination in 5th house, I have habit of checking too many times same thing, urgency of doing work

  9. I have mo,ra in 12th house... Its amazing.!

    1. Hi guest .Do you enjoy it.I have it in my 12th house.So,life is terrible,horrible and really miserable!!!!!
      Do you know any remedy for this?

  10. I have it in 12th house... :D

  11. I have rahu and moon in 7th,but u r right extra ordinary style,and always thinking mind,ufff

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