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Jupiter in All Zodiac Sign

Jupiter is a most important planet for every event or everything in the life, so it is necessary to know all Jupiter in signs results & Jupiter sign meaning. This is the planet that can be able to balance your Horoscope in positive manner, if negative planet effects there. If Saturn is debilitated in the chart, this is the planet that aspect on Saturn alters the results of bad Saturn & act as safeguard. Jupiter in sign, jupiter in sign meaning, jupiter best sign, jupiter in different sign, jupiter in dual sign, jupiter sign definition, jupiter in enemy sign, jupiter in earth sign, jupiter in rising sign, jupiter ruling sign, jupiter in your sign meaning, jupiter in zodiac sign, jupiter zodiac sign calculator, all doubts will be clear today. Jupiter astrology sign are Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of expansion; expansion may be in the family, may be in the society, may be in your job, may be in your wealth, and may be in your luck.

Check Jupiter results on each house:

Jupiter in Aries Vedic astrology:  Jupiter in the Aries gives wonderful results, in the sign of Aries it gives balanced and wealthy life because all trine sign or fiery signs which covers by Jupiter aspect (Jupiter aspect 1,5 & 9 from all fiery sign it will aspect another fiery sign) shows stability in life. Those having Jupiter in Aries in their horoscope will be religious, virtuous and famous. Jupiter in Aries Vedic astrology will be hard-worker and commanding by nature.

Jupiter in Taurus Vedic astrologyJupiter in Taurus brings material gains and capacity to increase them. This may give fatty body. The native may be fortunate and trust worthy in personal relationships. Jupiter in Taurus Vedic astrology may have impressive voice and may have good knowledge. If Jupiter well placed then these type peoples always have sufficient money in their life.

Jupiter in Gemini Vedic astrology Jupiter in Gemini, I found in my research generally Jupiter gives good results in most of the sign but in Gemini placed Jupiter is not very good or I can say hardly average. The person will be youthful face & attractive eyes.  Jupiter in Gemini Vedic astrology may have good command in science and technology.  He may have simple yet majestic personality; and, may be a versatile orator. My mean to say Jupiter known for expansion but what type of expansion we knows for Jupiter that comes but this Jupiter must be placed in some particular house.

Jupiter in Cancer Vedic astrology Jupiter in cancer or Jupiter in moon sign one of the best placement in astrology. This is called silver spoon if moon also well placed or conjunct with Jupiter here, then results are more good and stable. It may bless the native with strong and submissive nature. Jupiter in cancer Vedic astrology may be learned, knowledgeable and wise. He may also be honest and trust worthy person. He may be reputed in society; and may be able to achieve success in most endeavors of his life. Jupiter in cancer is very good for business dealings.

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Jupiter in Leo Vedic astrology  Jupiter in Leo another fiery sign gives good results because of his boss sign or Jupiter friendly sign. Such placement of Jupiter in Vedic astrology horoscope makes the native patient, strong, knowledgeable and rich. Jupiter brings good fortune and some ease to achieve personal success. He may be hard-working with leadership qualities. This is very good placement for politics.

Jupiter in Virgo Vedic astrology: Jupiter in Virgo shows different attitude in personality with intelligence. Those born with Jupiter in Virgo in their Vedic astrology birth chart may be religious minded, intelligent, proficient and skilled in their profession. Jupiter in Virgo Vedic astrology tells good command on language and grammar (literature). Jupiter brings capacity to get lots of things done, and an ability to succeed in most trades. Virgo Jupiter in 7th house then makes very good business man.

Jupiter in Libra Vedic astrology Jupiter in Libra is very good placement for material success in the life. This placement gives very good materialistic life with enjoyment and balance in the life. This may give financial gains through journeys and/or foreign lands (If connected with 9/12th house). Jupiter in Libra astrology may have interest in independent business or professional activities; and may be inclined towards accumulation of wealth. Jupiter brings balance to life and the ability to move forward, step by step.

Jupiter in Scorpio Vedic astrology  Jupiter in Scorpio is good for occult science and hidden knowledge. Those having Jupiter placed in Scorpio zodiac sign will be learned and knowledgeable in many fields. They may face both type results sometime good or sometime bad as well. Jupiter in Scorpio Vedic astrology shows blessed, successful marriage and happy married life.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius Vedic astrologyThis is one of the best placements of the Jupiter because Jupiter placed in own house or Jupiter mooltrikona signJupiter in Sagittarius Vedic astrology may bless the native with strong results in financial matters. He may enjoy good inheritance and wealth.  He may also have authority and stability in professional matters. Sagittarius sign shows administrative post with huge wealth.

Jupiter in Capricorn Vedic astrologyJupiter in Capricorn known for his debilitation sign. Whenever Jupiter in Capricorn within 15 degree it gives worst results most of the time but if this planet crosses 15 degree in Capricorn its bad effects goes away. Capricorn is earthy sign after 15 degree; I saw people’s gets lot of materialistic and earthy gains. Jupiter in Capricorn Vedic astrology may face difficulties and challenges in education & early childhood and may reside at distant places. Jupiter brings success in constructive and concrete matters, the ability to accomplish great things. Capricorn Jupiter makes powerful politician as well if Saturn also well placed in the chart.

Jupiter in Aquarius Vedic astrologyJupiter in Aquarius gives wealth and stability in life after age of 32. Those born with Jupiter in Aquarius zodiac sign in their Vedic astrology horoscope will be religious and balance nature in the life. Jupiter in Aquarius Vedic astrology may be diplomatic and satisfied with the life attitude.

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Jupiter in Pisces Vedic astrology This is the best placement after cancer sign; this placement gives immense wealth with positive attitude. Jupiter in Pisces makes one good writer & poet. Jupiter in sign of Pisces may bless the native with authority and power in society.  He will be learned and knowledgeable even have knowledge of many fields.  He will be famous, virtuous and wealthy.  He may enjoy good support from his family and social relations. He will be very religious and will do good work for society & temple. Jupiter in Pisces Vedic astrology brings emotional nature and many rewarding experiences.

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Mercury In All Zodiac Sign

Mercury is small planet but has much importance; I will clear your doubt such as mercury sign calculator, mercury is in what sign, find mercury sign, mercury tables astrology,  what does mercury in your sign mean,  how to find mercury sign, find my mercury sign, mercury sign compatibility, mercury zodiac sign, mercury zodiac sign calculator.

Mercury in Aries in Vedic astrology:  Mercury in Aries shows ability to use power and holds commanding position in life. Mercury in Aries gives angry nature as mercury knows for jolly and comedy nature but because of mars fire, so you can feel some heat in nature. Mercury in Aries gives high level of energy. This mercury inspired by mars which is enemy of mercury but if mercury well placed in nakshatra and well aspected then it can give very diplomatic intelligence.

Read Mercury effects in each house:

Mercury in Taurus in Vedic astrology This gives very bold and beautiful appearance. Mercury in Taurus gives very friendly and jolly nature. Mercury gives happy and peaceful life with lot of wealth and many houses. This may give interest in sports and physical exercise. This placement related with 7/8th house and Venus effects also there then various relationship in the life.  The native may be obedient and faithful to his teacher, parents and elders.  He will be famous, learned and knowledgeable.

Mercury in Gemini in Vedic astrology Mercury in Gemini gives very good energy level and youthful nature. The person may have charming personality. He can become good Engineer, astrologer, writer or famous spokesperson. He will be successful and famous.  He may be of independent nature and may also enjoy fame and riches in his life. He will be very good orator and known for his communication.

Mercury in Cancer in Vedic astrology: Mercury in cancer gives luxurious life and youthful appearance. This placement often gives fickle minded nature because of moon effects in this sign. It may give the native to be extrovert, vocal and good writer.  He may have inclinations towards foreign lands and always enjoy good relationships within family.  He may also be intelligent and highly qualified. This placement in the watery sign gives day dream and very ambitious nature. Peoples with this placement known for good memory. Mercury in Cancer also has a tendency to take differing opinions as a personal attack or criticism.

Mercury in Leo in Vedic astrology:  Mercury in Leo gives administrative power and managerial skill. This placement of Mercury in Vedic astrology may give the good professional and social life.  He will be famous and rich. 

Mercury in Virgo in Vedic astrologyMercury in Virgo one of the best placement in astrology. This placement can give highly managerial post and person knows for his managerial skill. Peoples with this placement will be virtuous, clever and good looking. They will be great technocrat.  They will be inclined towards science and technology and enjoy success in their professional matters. If this mercury placement in 5/10/11th house then this proves amazing oratory skills.

Mercury in Libra in Vedic astrology: Mercury in Libra gives very beautiful looks and friendly nature. Peoples will be Fond of travelling. This may give strong inclination towards debates, arguments and speeches.  The person may be extravagant in nature.  He may be quite ambitious; trust worthy and dedicated to his teachers,

Mercury in Scorpio in Vedic astrology: Mercury in Scorpio makes person very hard working and task master. Hard-work not recognizes in profession, this placement of mercury not gives success as desire. This placement sometimes gives hurdles in earnings and in luxury.

Mercury in Sagittarius in Vedic astrologyMercury in Sagittarius is very good placement, Peoples with this placement has good knowledge of science and Veda’s. This placement will bless the native with fame, virtues and strong memory.  It will give kind hearted and may have strong inclination towards religion.

Mercury in Capricorn in Vedic astrologyMercury in Capricorn is good placement for money wise and for property. This placement gives richness and lands/vehicle. This is one of the best earth sign for material gain, so in this sign mercury gives lot of opportunity in property.

Mercury in Aquarius in Vedic astrologyMercury in Aquarius gives positive attitude in the life; these peoples always have patience in opposite conditions.  Due to their confidence and patience they always won in adverse situation. Mercury in Aquarius zodiac sign in astrology horoscope will give strong profession if mercury placed in 10th house. Mercury gives ability of multitasking.

Mercury in Pisces in Vedic astrology: Mercury in Pisces is not very good placement. This placement of mercury often gives laziness and weak energy. Such peoples not enthusiastic, their communication level very weak. Mercury may cause the native to suffer from social life and domestic life.  They may not have much interest in profession or I can say, they can’t do competition of any work, all the task they leave in the middle.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Mars planet of fire, gas, commander, warrior consider as very important planet. It owns two sign “Aries & Scorpio” and exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in cancer.Mars is fiery planet but has much importance; I will clear your doubt such as mars by sign, mars sign calculator, mars in cardinal signs, mars in the signs and houses, mars in zodiac sign, mars zodiac sign calculator, find mars in your sign, how to find mars southern hemisphere.

                           MARS IS FIRE
Fire is higher, so be ready with your energy for fulfilling your desire.

Mars in Aries in Vedic astrology:  Mars in Aries known for one of the best placement because it is mars own & fire sign house. Peoples have mars in arise reach in administrative post in the life. Those having Mars in Aries in their horoscope may be honest, commander skills and courageous in nature.  They may be powerful and strong athlete body.  They may be quite active and possess leadership qualities.

Read Mars results in all houses:

Mars in Taurus in Vedic astrology: Mars in Taurus is not good placement because in enemy sign, this sign mainly for luxury and mars always in active mode & hard worker. In profession this mars can give business related with garment and sports.  The native may face some bone related problem and may strong in sex for opposite sex.  He may face problems and challenges quite often in his life.

Mars in Gemini in Vedic astrology: Mars in Gemini influenced by mercury and gives good appearance & person may be beautiful and charming.  He may have knowledge of various different subjects and intelligent.  Foreign travel and interest in sports will be there. In this sign Mars come in punarwasu nakshatra in his last degree, that shows good results of mars.

Mars in Cancer in Vedic astrology:  This is debilitated sign for mars, here mars lost his fiery qualities .This placement not always bad, mars lost his qualities but if Sun-Moon strong in chart then this mars not gives harms as mentioned. You can find out this fact in many charts. It may cause the native to be angry, short-tempered and weak in physique. He may face frequent issues in his health; and may have to face problems related to lands, property and residence if moon & Saturn also weak. 

Mars in Leo in Vedic astrology:  This is good placement in defense or in army or any leadership position. Such placement of Mars in Leo may cause the person to be very aggressive, impatient, daring, strong & dominate nature because Sun influence in this sign. These peoples sometime argue everywhere.

Mars in Virgo in Vedic astrology: Mars in Virgo gives smartness and good sharp mind. Sometimes this placement gives jealous in nature as well. It can give weak physique and some health problem, if mars related with 1/6/8th house. If well placed mercury aspect this mars then it gives land benefits, richness and vehicle pleasure too but weak health.

Mars in Libra in Vedic astrology: Mars in Libra is not good placement for health and wealth wise. This gives instability in profession and unnecessary expenditure.  The native may be fond of traveling. It may give Problems in managing land & finances.

Mars in Scorpio in Vedic astrology:  This is good and stable placement of mars. In this sign mars gives stable and powerful life. Those having Mars placed in Scorpio zodiac sign may be honest and patriot nature, specifically in professional dealings. They are hard worker or I can say hard task-master.

Mars in Sagittarius in Vedic astrology: Mars in Sagittarius gives disciplined nature because any planet in Jupiter sign gives atleast average results if Jupiter also well placed in horoscope. Placement of the Mars in Sagittarius zodiac sign sometimes gives weak physique and lean body. He will be work harder and dedicated to his teachers and all elders.

Mars in Capricorn in Vedic astrology: Exalted Mars in Capricorn gives good results especially in finance, property and in profession. The native may be strong, healthy and hard task-master.  He will be wealthy, famous and successful in his professional matters.  Such person fame spreads world-wide if Saturn and some other good placement there.

Mars in Aquarius in Vedic astrology: Mars in Aquarius not good placement because it can give habit smoking/drinking and some other mood swings problem as well. They may be blunt or straight forward in nature and may suffer from financial losses through speculation.

Mars in Pisces in Vedic astrology:  This is the sign of vision, wisdom. In this sign mars give good results especially in property matters. Mars in Pisces gives spiritual and religious nature. Bad mars in this sign gives ego and argument nature also.

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Moon effects in all zodiac sign

“Moon” is one of the most important planets in Vedic astrology. All major transit and auspicious time, name, marriage & lot of other factors decide from the moon. Moon gives luck, wealth etc. This is the reason, you can see in below image moon with owl. Moon shows our destiny, strength and wealth also and everyone knows owl is important for wealth in Vedic astrologyMoon in sign calculator, moon sign compatibility for marriage, moon sign how to find, how to find moon sign with date of birth, how to find moon sign without birth time, how to check moon sign, how to know sun sign and moon sign, moon in my sign, moon sign compatibility, moon in rising sign, moon and rising sign compatibility, rising sign compatibility calculator, what does the moon in your sign mean, what does a full moon mean on your birthday, what does a full moon mean for love.

Moon effects in all houses, Read below:

Moon in Aries in Vedic astrology: Moon in Aries effects or moon in Aries meaning are happy, optimistic, and positive. Moon in fiery sign gives mood swing and unbalanced, impatient nature. Moon in Aries gives smart, attractive and bold nature also. This may confer stability and strength in financial matters and the native will be reputed in society. Moon in Aries man and woman may have health issues related to joints, bones, hairs and may have fear from water. These peoples are ambitious, vigorous, stubborn and full of energy. Moon in Aries woman are very fast & administrative, this is the moon in Aries description.

Moon in Taurus in Vedic astrology: This is one of the best placements for moon, in this sign moon comes in rohini nakshatra (on particular degree) gives best results because it is moon nakshatra known for luxury, love. Moon in Taurus effects give broad body structure and curly hairs to the native.  She/he may be benevolent, lusty, beautiful and famous. Moon in Taurus meaning, He will be wise and achieve benefit in every success. The good-natured Moon in the sign of Taurus are sociable, good company and sensual. Life is worth living for them. They are emotionally balanced, and steady. They like to finish a project, before they start a new one. They will get success easily and early stage in life.

Moon in Gemini in Vedic astrology: Moon in Gemini effects gives firming mind. Moon in Gemini inspired from practical approach which comes from mercury and dual nature also mean always in if and but nature. Moon in Gemini meaning person will be sharp intellect.  He may be tall in height with prominent nose and black eyes. He may have interest and inclination towards music, art, poetry and writing.  He may also be humorous in nature. They are in danger of dispersing themselves. Emotions are not very profound and are dominated by their reasoning. Moon in the sign of Gemini shows, they can handle sorrow, worries and anxieties more easily than others.

Moon in Cancer in Vedic astrology:  Moon in cancer one of best placement because moon placed in own house. Moon in cancer effects, Sometime it gives cold problem because moon is very sensitive planet and if placement of this planet in weak house (6/8/12) and Jupiter not good then digestive system problem as well. Moon in Cancer meaning the native will be fortunate and lucky in his all endeavors.  Moon in the sign of Cancer shows people will be polite, kind nature, reputed and caring natureMoon in the sign of cancer may also be inclined towards distant journeys because moon in movable sign especially in 9/12 house gives lot of travels in foreign lands. For them emotional security is more important than material safety. Not only as children, but also as adults have they an ample fantasy. Persons who have a cancer moon enjoy their childhood also if mercury also well placed in the horoscope.

Moon in Leo in Vedic astrology: Moon in Leo effects is generally good. This placement gives management & administrative power. Such placement of Moon in Vedic astrology horoscope may give strong bone structure, big face and long hair.  He will be towards forests and nature. He may also have strong foresight.  Moon in Leo meaning, Moon is charming; they are always happy and often dispose of managerial qualities. Moon in the sign of Leo shows radiate power and natural warmth, they are generous and cordial. In turn they like to be recognized and admired.

Moon in Virgo in Vedic astrology: Moon in Virgo peoples are very smart and intelligent. Moon in Virgo in Vedic astrology, native will be beautiful and attractive in appearance. He will be patient, kind-hearted, benevolent and polite in nature.  Moon in Virgo effects shows enjoy riches and luxuries in his life. Moon in the sign of Virgo is efficient, practical people, good decision-maker and quick learner.
Moon in Libra in Vedic astrology: Moon in Libra gives balanced luxurious life. Moon in Libra effects; give smart face and big eyes to the native. He may be religious in nature and may have good respect for his teacher and elders.  He may also be kind hearted and rich. Moon in Libra meaning, Person will be polite, diplomatic, kind and compliant.
Moon in the sign of Libra shows, they are able to understand and enter others sentiments. Often they agree with others, allowing them to agree and decide on their behalf. Recognition is important for them.

Moon in Scorpio in Vedic astrology: This is not good placement; Moon in Scorpio effects sometimes very bad for mind and life-growth.
Moon in Scorpio meaning, it can give jealous nature and unbalanced mind or no peace in mind. Those having Moon placed in Scorpio zodiac sign may be greedy, aggressive and dominant in nature. It may give strong physique and health issues in childhood.  They may encounter frequent problems in their professional and financial matters. Moon in the sign of Scorpio has a desire to question everything and get to the bottom of everything. They dispose of a strong will and character. They are hardworking, reliable and ambitious if moon gets strength from Jupiter or from some other combination, then this moon proves very strong results also.

Moon in Sagittarius in Vedic astrology: Moon in Sagittarius effects in Jupiter sign, generally moon gives good results. In this sign native will be in intelligent and quick learner of law and law related studies. Moon in Sagittarius sign will bless the native with broad shoulders, long hand, round eyes and strong bones. Moon in Sagittarius meaning peoples will be social and courageous in nature. They are adventurers, nature lovers and travelers. They are always driven to new horizons, which they try to conquer. Moon in the sign of Sagittarius shows travelers in the mental sphere full of the desire for knowledge and discovery.

Moon in Capricorn in Vedic astrology:  Moon in Capricorn native may have wide fore-head, big ears and beautiful eyes. He may be religious and famous and very wealth.  He may be dedicated to his family and teacher.  Moon in Capricorn effects, such person may also be sophisticated and touchy in nature and tend to lose hope easily. Moon in Capricorn meaning- ambitious, Capricorn moons are reserved, careful and perseverance. They wish to get somewhere in life, therefore they persecute their objectives with great diligence, calm and tough sometimes close to doggedness. Moon in the sign of Capricorn shows wealth and stability in life if well placed moon.

Moon in Aquarius in Vedic astrology:  Moon in Aquarius effects, those born with Moon in Aquarius zodiac sign in their Vedic astrology horoscope may have stable in life no mood-swing & good nature. Moon in Aquarius meaning, they may be lazy and may have inclination towards drinking, smoking, if Rahu–Saturn bad in horoscope. Their personal freedom is always of utmost importance to them. Moon dressed ordinarily, living in common departments or having "normal" hobbies. Neither have they felt inclined to "normal" professions. Moon in the sign of Aquarius- moon enjoy distinguishing intelligent themselves from their environment. 

Moon in Pisces in Vedic astrology:  Moon in Pisces may give interest in poetry or writing. Moon in Pisces effects gives Literary, writing, jolly-nature and day-dreamer. Their dream and ambition are very high. This placement of the Moon may bless the native with charming personality.  He may be learned, philanthropist.  He may be a good orator and capable of maintaining good social relationships. They understand their fellow human beings intuitively and take their decisions listening to their emotions. In love they are tender and romantic. Moon in the sign of Pisces shows, they are very sensitive, good sense of humor and very kind and easily get emotional. Their artistic qualities and their rich emotional life often are expressed in the selection of their profession. If their mercury bad then very bad decision maker. Moon in Pisces meaning, they want their own world, where they can express and do something special for the society.

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