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Kendra (Angular) houses in astrology & Moksha houses astrology

Now, I will discuss about Angular houses or “Kendra house” after completed Trine house. Now you can understand the importance of Angular and Trine houses.

Kendra houses in astrology or Angular houses astrology
1, 4, 7, and 10 are the Angular house or “Kendra” houses. They also known as "VISHNU STHAAN" in vedic astrology.  They represent immense power and positive storage of luck, prosperity, wealth, and name-fame. They represent the complete strength of the horoscope and life goal, and give the capacity to achieve the desired goals. They are the power house; they can increase the power of planet if planet placed in the Angular houses.

The 10th house is considered the strongest house and planets placed here to dominate the whole horoscope and can sometimes be even more powerful than the ascendant on their effect in life and personality. All these houses shows raj yoga`s in the horoscope. kendra houses in vedic astrology shows lot of weightage.

Trine and trikona house in astrology:

Example: Ruling government party more powerful in comparatively to opponent party. House of prime minister always powerful it does not matter who is coming there, anyone will come at the house and by default get power and capacity to take decision, it another headache, how he is taking decision for country favor or for corruption. (Some time badly placed Cruel planet gives bad results).Bad corrupted leader or prime minister always use their power for corruption.

Planets placed in those houses are strong and have a capacity to express their energy fully. Benefic planets placed here are very supportive and add to the longevity and success in life, while malefic can cause a great deal of difficulties (if badly placed).

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The Moksha houses & moksha house in astrology
Now days life is very hectic and self-centered, everywhere depression and unsatisfaction in the life. So I decided to write something about moksha. Moksha houses and moksha planet I will discuss. In Vedic astrology definition of moksha Vedic astrology is very true and accurate.

Moksha houses in astrology:
4th, 8th and 12th are the Moksha houses.

Moksha house shows our nature of death our spiritual inclination in the current life. Moksha is the highest goal of life, the return to the source from where the soul came from. These houses show detachment from the materialistic world and shows spiritualism and religious nature.

The 4th house relates with heart chakra and the path of devotion, purification of the heart and emotions to God and the experience of cosmic love or true love towards earth welfare.
The 8th house shows hidden devotion, it relates from previous bad deeds or bad karmas and awakening of the Kundalini, this houses shows people have mastery over the mind and can go the particular way which will be different from others and always search of origin and hidden facts of life.
You can observe one important point about 8th house, very strongly placed planet in 8th house will not give harm to you but it will not give money in your salary, it can give inherited money but always in later age.
The 12th house shows new world after this materialistic world, it confers new definition of spiritualism and moksha. Moksha obtain possible in this birth or not. It is the path of Spiritualism, Cosmic energy, renunciation and surrender.

Moksha planet in astrology: Mainly Jupiter, Ketu, Sun is the most important planet for religious inclination and spirituality but mars, moon also signifies this. Moksha mean not only mean after death people want to go in heaven, it signifies peaceful and spiritual life on the earth as well. 

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Saturn Transit 2014

Everyone`s eye on this planet transit, what next he will deliver for mankind. Because in last Libra transit everyone saw Saturn power and justice especially in India (Corrupted government gone, extra-ordinary decision of supreme courts, etc), Now you can understand why we consider Saturn judge of Supreme Court. Many pending cases finished during last transit and lot of corrupted organization and human punished by Saturn.

Main good point is Saturn govern from Jupiter from Nov 2014 to mid-2015 because Jupiter 5th aspect on Saturn. This time will be specially good for service based peoples, both Jupiter and Saturn will support fully to service man because both are key planet for anyone career. Government sector employee will be happy and satisfy from their job.
This is one of the best time for everyone because all slow planets in good sign, Rahu-Ketu in Virgo-Pisces and Jupiter in cancer all are very positive sign for these planets.

Saturn transit 2014 to 2017
Saturn enters the Sign of Scorpio on 2nd November 2014.  Saturn is moving from the exaltation sign to Scorpio. Saturn will stay in Scorpio till 26th January 2017.

 How are Saturn results in your chart,See below Link:

Saturn transit Scorpio 2014
So master of justice now again moving one sign ahead in November 2014 in the sign of mars “Scorpio”.
Mars is not friendly with Saturn but this is one of the fixed sign which Saturn likes to reside there. So this transit will be good for those they are busy in fixed business. And overall it will be good for all. So no need to fear. Some few sign have needed to pay extra care.

Saturn transit predictions 2014

1) Saturn transit for Aries: This transit will be good if mars is will placed in the chart because Jupiter aspect on Saturn will be give depth study or occult science or special study and success in particular area. Sudden money gains and benefit of land will be there. If unfavorable then accident and loss of money will be there. This transit of Saturn is referred to as Ashtam Shani and this transit can give delays and disappointments. You may suffer from pain in spine, pain in the back, knees and leg.

2) Saturn transit for Taurus: This transit will be very good for those who are waiting for marriage, this period will be give good marriage if other planet well placed. This period will be good for business, expansion of business and money will be there. It unfavorable then hurdles in family life. Enemies who might be looking for an opportunity to damage your reputation in work area. Those looking to establish foreign contacts for business will be successful.

3) Saturn transit for Gemini: This transit good for who are waiting for government job especially in judiciary line. Who they are waiting for their court case from long time, chances of favorable results are there. You can expect resolution of long standing problems, removal of fear and obstacles and diseases, debts and enemies.  If unfavorable then disease and enemies will give some loss.

4) Saturn transit for cancer: Best time for these guys, this period will give you much amount of wealth and fame in your work place, promotion, foreign visit and family peace will be there, But be prepare for you disease and increase fat in the body. This transit will bring overall good results in every field.

5) Saturn transit for Leo: This transit is good for foreign lands earnings but this time expenditure also will be there, so savings will effects and family peace also suffer in this transit. But settlement in faraway places indicating. This is the most challenging time for you in finance matters. You may end up with a debts, loan. Disappointment in interpersonal relationships may give some problem.

6) Saturn transit for Virgo: This period people will fell sudden big rise or unexpected gains in the life. But mental illness and family peace will affect this time wealth wise good transit. This Saturn transit ends your 7 and half year sadde sati (Saturn cycle) and with Jupiter Transit also in your favor so you can success in every venture in this year. Long standing disputes will get resolved. You will feel fresh air in your life and in workplace.

7) Saturn transit for Libra: This transit good for buying property and rise in career. Gains from foreign lands are indicating. Assets, daily income will increase. Unfavorable if planet not well placed not good property, bad for health ,needs attention especially dental health and back.

8) Saturn transit for Scorpio: This transit will be average. If planets well placed then, it will be good time for spiritual and public life. Fame and public life will give good returns to these peoples. Gains in politics and government there. This is the time for taking good care of health. You may suffer for acidity, laziness, and lack of energy

9) Saturn transit for Sagittarius: This transit can give long term foreign visit but for health and family it is not favorable. Expenditure will be more then income. You need to be cautious in financial matters and diplomatic in your speech. Relationships with family members will be under strain. Avoid big investment in this year.

10) Saturn transit for Capricorn: This transit will be good for those who want to marry, marriage on the cards in this year. Big gains from the career and from service place. This is a time of a major wish fulfillment, gain of wealth, better social network, and popularity. You can expect good health, wealth from multiple. It’s time to increase speed & accelerator your life.

11) Saturn transit for Aquarius: This transit will be average for these peoples, Delay in Success in the career. This is the time for professional change and personal change.

12) Saturn transit for Pisces: This transit good for wealth and foreign travel, luck will support in career and finance. Saturn moves into the 9th position for Pisces in 2014.Long distance travel, higher ideals and fame in this year. 

2014 Other planets transit effects:

Jupiter in Cancer in 2014:

Rahu-ketu transit in 2014:

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Trikona house or Trine House

Trine House In Astrology
I will say these houses not only Trine houses, I will say Magical house in astrology. I saw various horoscopes where 10th house or any strong house is weak but because of these houses which are found strong in Horoscope, given extremely good and cheerful life. Our sages also gave much importance on these houses.

These also known Dharma house
These houses of good luck, success, wisdom and knowledge and benefics placement brings good luck and good opportunities in life due to past life deeds and present life good actions.These houses if strong in the chart then they can easily balance your horoscope.So importance of trine houses everyone can understand.

Trine astrology definition
Those houses are related with the religion, Humanity, sense of duty, Duty towards society, Luck, the way the soul progresses in the spiritual path, religious attitude, the philosophy of life, religion, spirituality, type of worship, spiritual teachers and learning, honesty and moral values,good deeds towards society.

Those are considered the most auspicious houses, since following dharma or duty brings "good luck" due to good deeds.
These houses show the good karma from the past and how it affects this present life.

Planets placed on these houses as well as the houses they rule tend to prosper and be favorable to the native and also indicate the way the person progresses spiritually in life and creates good karma for the future.

1st house in astrology: Our life governs from this house. Every event of life we can check from this house. In every success in life this house plays important role. The first Trikon house is the ascendant. Ascendant gives all information about a person. It gives information about his beauty, character, strength and hard-work, his vision for life.The First House addresses the individual and their comportment and approach to life.The First House also rules early childhood.Individual will be introvert or extrovert we can check from there also.

5th house in astrology: Everyone knows this is one of most powerful trine house but I will tell you more. This house also knows for past life good deeds because of good deeds in past life, this house can give luck/wealth without much effort, this is the beauty of this house.5th house can give you very strong and luxurious life if it is strongly placed. Karma related to the last life is analyzed through this house. This house gives sudden rise through their children. This house gives sudden or hidden money because ancestors blessings present in the chart. This gives creativity and pleasure is the result of a creative act.

9th house in Astrology: One of the strongest house in astrology .The 9th house is the third Trikon house. It is related to the status of a person’s father. This house has also been related to teachers and gurus. A person’s spirituality and higher education are also related to this house. This house knows for House of Philosophy, higher education, we have the hope of understanding concepts and theories that will enhance our world. 9th House addresses publishing and multinational ventures such as import/export businesses.Wealth and well-placed seen from this house.Dreams and visions come under the purview of this house.

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