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Kidney Stone in astrology:

Kidney stone patients are increasing in the society rapidly. I saw some queries from last few days, so I decided to write something for you. Some common question I faced like Diseases of Kidney in Astrology, kidney stone and astrology, kidney stone treatment, kidney stone symptoms, kidney stone removal, kidneys in astrology, kidney problems, Here planetary impact matters a lot, in some cases I saw medical science failed and doctor told to patient you had a tendency of formation stones, but astrologically I will prove you why this formation in your body. For preventing kidney stone we need to take care of kidney stones diet.

Main cause of this disease is moon/Venus and Libra sign. Moon represent water and Venus/Libra represent kidney. If moon is weak, then water consumption will be less, result will be the formation of small particles in kidney area. And most important point which generally ignores by all astrologers Saturn and mars, if Saturn afflicted in Libra sign or in 7th house it will leave some particles during blood filtration process. This will cause formation of stones in kidney. Check it in your horoscopes.

Medical science reasons: Three types stone are there, oxylate, uric acid, calcium generally. Stone formation, renal calculi, Consider Saturn-Venus. The Libra kidney weakness should make one careful of uric acid produced by eating animal flesh. Scorpio sign, Calcium sulphate has much to do with the effective discharge of toxins.Foods high in this salt are onions, asparagus, garlic, watercress, mustard, greens, leeks, radishes, cauliflower, figs, black cherries, prunes and gooseberries.

House related with Kidney stones is 7th house:

The kidney is ruled by 7th house and 7th lord. Any affliction to 7th house or 7th lord causes kidney troubles. Venus and Moon are the karaka of kidney disease, some places you can find Jupiter. Jupiter mainly responsible for gall-bladder stones. Venus is karaka of the 7th house and Libra sign rules the 7th house of natural zodiac. If Saturn has astrological relations with Rahu, the chronic diseases are caused. 7th house or 7th lord by Saturn gives rise to diseases concerning kidney.

Planet responsible for kidney stone:

A weak or afflicted Moon is always bad for kidney. The bad conjunction of Moon with Mars indicates operation.Saturn in Libra may cause hardening of kidney and creates poor filtration of blood, purification affected when Saturn-mars combination there or Saturn with ketu in Libra. Resulting increase small particles in kidney which forms stones.Bad Venus may give you ureter or urine related problem.

Sign responsible for kidney stone: 

Libra sign affected by badly placed planet in your chart then this problem may come. Libra rules the mid portion and lower portion of the human body. That is where the kidneys reside. The two kidneys are located in the abdomen toward the back. In some cases Scorpio sign shows problems in kidney.

In Hindi:
गुर्दे कि पथरी ,आजकल ये बीमारी जयादातर लोगो को घेर रही है .आज इसका ज्योतिषी विश्लेषण करते है . चन्द्र .शुक्र और तुला राशि इसके लिए देखना सबसे ज़रूरी है.चन्द्र पानी है इसके कमजोर होने पर इंसान पानी कम पीता है और शुक्र गुर्दे का करक ग्रह है. और तुला राशि किडनी को बताती है.ये ग्रह कमजोर होने पर आप इस रोग से पीड़ित हो सकते है. और सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बात यहा जो की सब इग्नोर करते है. वो है शनि और मंगल .मंगल ब्लड(खून) और जब भी मंगल ख़राब होगा ये खून की शुद्धि नहीं करने देगा. और अगर शनि 7th हाउस में या तुला राशि में थोड़े पीड़ित है तो ये इसका खून का शुद्धिकरण सही से नहीं होने देंगे,कुछ कण इक्क्ठे होकर स्टोन बना देंगे .

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