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Now I am describing ketu last planet of my series of house wise results of all planet. I will cover ketu in astrology, influence of ketu, ketu and wealth, ketu in 12th house effects, effects of ketu in different houses, ketu in various houses, is ketu good or bad, ketu and its effects, ketu in is house is this benefic, ketu and black magic problem. Ketu is the planet generally peoples underestimates, but if you remember I told some time back when I was discussing about Venus. I clearly mentioned there any extraordinary hope, desire, work or anything ketu and Venus's support needed at least one support. Without these planets, you can be successful, but thing which makes you different from others only possible when these two planets well placed on the chart. (Because ketu has no boundaries).Ketu is dragon tail, It represents detachment, Imprisonment, suicide, grandfather, grandmother, eyes, tall stature(generally unusual), abuse, smoking habits, slim , supernatural, philosophy, government fines, dreams(mainly snakes dream), accident, evil spirit, diseases caused by insects, poisonous bite, religion, astrology, salvation, drugs, arrest, bankruptcy, injury, kidnapping, murder, punishment. Ketu represents the abdomen part of body. Diseases related with ketu are lung problems, fever, abdominal pain, body aches, epidemics, injuries, contusions, itching, ulcers, skin diseases etc..For Rahu-Ketu always carefully analyze nakshatra,sign and aspect(Specially placement in Kendra) .This will give you proper direction towards prediction.

BEEJ MANTRA FOR KETU-  “Om shram shreem shrom sah ketve namah “

1) Ketu in 1st house – 1st house ketu depends on various conditions because placement in most important house can give excellent heights or extreme poverty. It can give attitude of gentleness but with aggressive mood. Everything here dependent on 1st house lord  and nakshatra if it is well placed then definitely it gives very good results otherwise bad. It gives thin figure, weak structure, weak-hearted, slim, piles, tactful. Those people will be highly energetic. If Ketu is benefic in the first house, then it makes the native laborious, rich and happy Mr.Amitabh bachchan has this combination.

2) Ketu in 2nd  house – Not good placement for family life and for finance, daily or routine income surely fluctuates. Bad utterer, quick in awareness, irritable, hard-hearted. This placement gives bad attitude towards wife. Divorce and bad family life will give big setbacks. He may have to face problems during his primary education. He should not perform immoral acts for earning money.

3) Ketu in 3rd  house – This placement gives success in politics and one thing I observe, this gives very good fame but peoples never run for money, peoples doing activities for human being and earn lot of name fame. This placement makes fearless, daring, creative, affluent and very religious. A third house Ketu brings a profession including much traveling to the native. If Ketu benefic then, the native would be blessed with good children and would be a generous and kind person.

4) Ketu in 4th  house – loss of mother if moon also afflicted. If well placed then gives fame and mass popularity and relation with highly placed politician .It gives lot of lands. But piece in home is difficult with this placement. Argumentative, wicked, weak, fear of poisons. The benefic placement of Ketu in 4th house turns the native spiritual. He is lucky for his father and teacher as well.

5) Ketu in  5th  house – This is not good placement it disturbed progeny sometimes and if badly placed then due to some bad karmas in previous birth, this birth also faces lot of struggle. It can give in disappointment in love affairs. Loss of children. Less support from family and friends. This type persons easily faces tantra/magic related problems.

6) Ketu in 6th  house – Good placement  for ketu. It vanishes all enemies. Gives healthy body if well placed and job related with tantra or yoga teacher or saint/Healer. Ketu here good communicator, educated. It give intuition power also. Ketu provides a person with strength, determination, name and fame. A person with a sixth house Ketu is strong, both physically and mentally.

7) Ketu in 7th house- Real damager of marriage life even if this planet is weak may be court cases or marriage end with divorce. It gives  big differences with wife. Opposite nature of partner. For business point of view, it may help if mercury is also well placed. With the presence of a seventh house Ketu, a person may be very abusive.

8) Ketu in 8th  house – Accidents, struggling life. Marriage will suffer. Interest in tantra-mantra but person will be unclear, dull, optimistic, piles and similar troubles. There’s also a chance of contracting venereal diseases. He will get injury from some weapon.

9) Ketu in 9th  house – If ketu strongly placed here then really very good for religious or in politics field. This makes saint and highly religious person. But it is not good foreign travel. Differences with father also may see. The benefic placement of Ketu suggests that the native earns wealth only through hard work but luck favors after 32 year. Ketu in bahgyesh generally good results but slowly.

10) Ketu in 10th  house – This type person always want to do something different. But in general, Everyone consider 10th house ketu has very less potential. Because it is pure materialistic house, and materialism is not best suited for this planet. But it makes happy, religious, pilgrimage seeker of holy  places, fond of scriptures/vedas.

11) Ketu in 11th  house – If Jupiter and Saturn strong in the chart atleast one and ketu also well placed then it gives huge wealth. Such a person will excel as a ruler or a leader. He may also be good in administrative works.11th house also represents social circle but in social circle will be limited. A person with an eleventh house Ketu is believed to gain from everything. Such a person will most probably be fortunate, learned and well-dressed. If rahu strong in 5th and ketu strong in 11th then creates auspicious Raj yoga/dhan yoga.

12) Ketu in 12th house – Excellent placement for ketu. Because this is own house of ketu. Moksha, Piece and reform yourself is th key of this house and ketu always comfortable with these thing. It gives very good spiritual knowledge. Ketu in the 12th house in his horoscope is fond of travelling. Person desire to spend his energy on meditation, yogas etc.

Long back I describe full details of rahu-ketu. You can refer this page.

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  1. I think Ketu has bad effect on all signs.Rahu and Ketu not good for anyone.The mantra provided by you for remove effect o ketu is good.It will really helpful for all.
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  2. Nice Blog..I got to learn lot many things from your blogs. I have not learned astrology but would like to learn in future. At my personal level I keep studying from books , and blogs like yours. My son has Ketu in fourth house, Which indicates loss of mother. I was keen to know more about this kind of placement and I learned ketu in fourth house does cause loss of mother however there is in an exception to this if the native's ascendant is Acquarius then it may not lead to loss of mother.

    Please correct me if I am right about exception to loss of mother on account of ketu in seventh house.

  3. Best explanation about ketu...............

  4. God bless you, first time in my life i read such accurate article on Ketu.Thanks

  5. Thanks for enlightening us,World best astrologer Prateek Bhatt

  6. What is effects of Ketu Mahadasha, if ketu is placed alone in 4th hs, gemini sign?

  7. Should you see ketu house in horoscope, or in navamsha kundali or the present position from the sun/moon sign zodiac?

  8. I have ketu in gemini in the 11th house../ and I am entering in Ketu Mahadasha this summer( aug).

    Some astrologers say that this will be an auspicious time for wealth via mercury(gemini) and a deep spiritual period for me..

    please comment on what you can about my coming ketu period..


  9. I am going in to a KEtu Dasha this year.

    Ketu is in my 11th house and in the sign of gemini

    Can you give advice on what may be involved in my coming dasha?

  10. I have a Ketu in 5th house and have a most precious child by God's grace..
    People must not get scared when they know, that their Ketu is in 5th house. The whole chart needs to be looked at by a good astrologer and he/she can provide an insight on it. Depending on the aspects and other factors, the impact can be predicted. But whatever your chart might say, you have the power to change your fate by your good karma and free will.

    The remedy suggested by a very good astrologer for the welfare of your children and if you do not have a child is , Try helping in orphanages, or Adopt a child.. I have heard of many cases , where the couple, who do not have children , will have kids after adopting. It is the bad karma from past life, which God, wants you to pay off in this life by doing a good karma. And when you try helping orphanages in whichever way possible , you are helping the unfortunate kids.

    Please try helping in orphanages even if you have kids with Ketu in 5th house. This will help you and your children.

    We can always erase the bad karma from past life, by doing good deeds in this present life. God Almighty is so powerful and your will power can do miracles for you.. Pray to which ever God you believe in and miracles will happen..

    Worship lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva.