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Saturn Moon conjunction in Astrology

Saturn moon conjunction vedic astrology or shani moon conjunction is one of the most popular and people fear from this conjunction. Moon planet of royalty, Mind, Emotion, Psychological approach, Sensitivity, imagination, softness and easy going nature when comes with planet of sorrow, hard going, hard by nature, hard task master, Delay, Unknown fear, then disaster happens and Saturn shows hard face of life. Saturn generally believe to give lesson in life and the moon gives silver spoon, so here is the biggest difference and this combination becomes one of the worst combinations. Moon is fickle and moves quickly and its opposite Saturn is slowest planet but most stable, so this is totally opposite quality delivers confused personality, selfishness, introvert nature with less confidence. These peoples mind always in confusion. Moon dominance in this conjunction shows immaturity, act more like a teenager and unstable persons. In ancient text this called poisons combination these peoples easily get affect from poison so stay away from negative things. This is the bad combination for mother and mother never get enjoy, good health and peace after birth of child.

Moon is clear like water and moon controls mind-man, so he purify Mind-man also but when Saturn comes with moon then personality become negative as well as not clean hearten because man get affected by dark Saturn. Saturn is dry cold and moon is watery is totally opposite quality planet gives bad results. This conjunction shows fight from himself, people feels depression inside their mind outside in face. This conjunction shows bad childhood and setbacks in childhood. These people suffers in personal front and some time problem from mother maternal side. Nurturing from mother some time missing in these peoples life. Marriage often difficult and end up with problems.

This conjunction or Saturn moon yuti more bad for females because moon represent mensuration cycle, mother, and marriage also in females, so this conjunction females often unlucky in these area and many times went in depression (Saturn conjunct moon depression) because of some misshaping in life. This conjunction is clearly shows emotional misbalance and peoples often fickle minded. Saturn moon conjunction in different houses or saturn moon conjunction in all house.

Saturn moon conjunction in 1st house: This conjunction in 1st house is very bad because from this house our life and attitude towards life reflects and this negative transit really gives unknown fear in mind, doubts, negativity and hardship in life. This conjunction damages personal life of peoples due to permanent doubt for partner. If this conjunction little week specially week moon then challenges in life increases. Saturn conjunct moon in first house gives lean, slim body with Low intelligence and lack of self expression.

Saturn moon conjunction in 2nd house: Saturn moon in 2nd house or saturn conjunction with moon gives Vani dosh, harsh speech which gives problems to individual in every front of life. This house shows routine income mean salary, asset and moon-Saturn combination is really bad for all these things. These should behave patently towards world or in work space. 2nd house is the house of earthy things and this combination is good if moon strong here otherwise it gives problems in earning money.

Saturn moon conjunction in 3rd house: Saturn moon in 3rd house is still better then above 2 houses because this is the house of courage and communication, so strong Saturn or dominance of Saturn gives positive courage but close conjunction is really bad for individual in this house also. Saturn moon conjunction effects combination in 3rd house is bad for relation with siblings. Saturn moon yuti gives unstable mind, fear or courage for bad deeds and behaviour like childish.

Saturn moon conjunction in 4th house: Saturn moon in 4th house if close conjunct then worst combination or moon is little weak because this is the house represent by moon and weak moon makes life hell even strong moon also hamper by Saturn in this conjunction in this house. Saturn-moon together in 4th house gives issues with mother and in family peace.This combination gives issues in buying house or vehicle as well, peoples should avoid white and black both colours. This person often struggle in their basic education or breaks in education. Moon with Saturn  in 4th house often gives issues in mind or mental peace never in mind. This conjunction gives difficulties to mother after born of child.

Saturn moon conjunction in 5th house: Saturn moon in 5th house is again bad placement which hinder the education of native and gives fickle mind which will not give easy success in education and it effects mind and intelligence of person. This give many affairs but for short time and failures in affairs. Share market or any kind of unpredictable investment strictly prohibited for these person. Saturn with moon in 5th house give delay in children and issues in gains. Moon yuti Saturn show lack of concentration in every work.

Saturn moon conjunction in 6th house: Saturn moon in 6th house good for survive or serve the people, this is one of the best remedy and we can take advantage of this conjunction from serving others or mankind in any manner. This conjunction gives sudden gain in service and enemies will never harm to these peoples. This combination is not good for taking loans and it will give issues in paying the loan amount so stay away from this.

Saturn moon conjunction in 7th house: Saturn moon in 7th house or saturn moon conjunction marriage is very bad for marriage and give delay in marriage, separation or divorce to person. Saturn with Moon is bad for business and never gives successful business to these peoples. Saturn with moon in 7th house is good if Saturn very placed and far away from moon then it may give sudden success which crosses boundaries of country.

Saturn moon conjunction in 8th house: Saturn moon in 8th house is worst condition among all houses because in this house planet becomes extreme week. 8th house Saturn moon yuti gives issue in health, accident even individual age also affects. This peoples face serious issues in marriage or divorce and court cases often seen in this placement of moon Saturn. Saturn and Moon together in 8th house can give the tendency of suicide and lots of mental trauma.

Saturn moon conjunction in 9th house: Saturn moon yoga in 9th house gives bad luck and hardship in initial period of life and person stuck in every stage of life. This combination in 9th house often give issues with father or loss of father.  This conjunction gives loss in foreign lands. These people should stay away from women, wine and gambling other wise full life struggle comes.

Saturn moon conjunction in 10th house: Saturn moon in 10th house Saturn and moon conjunction in 10th house give complete life with instability, unstable career or dissatisfaction from career. Saturn with moon in career give many career and people change frequently their jobs. Saturn moon if both are strong in this chart then may give success after age of 44 but difficult to retain gains and success with conjunction for long time.

Saturn moon conjunction in 11th house: Saturn moon in 11th house Saturn and moon conjunction in 11th house is average placement but this social house not gives good results because people sometime more introvert and hesitate to face world. This is the house which can give large gains if both planet far away placed in good naksahtra or sign. This is the house both will aspect your 5th house and hampers child area or progeny.

Saturn moon conjunction in 12th house: Saturn moon in 12th house bad for moksha because peoples engage themselves in unknown area and self identity lost and issues in bed pleasure. This is the house of moksha and investment but often due to saturn moon combination astrology people unable to decide they should go for Spirituality or materials because they stuck with both planets even wrong investment also become downfall of individual. saturn and moon in same house gives frequent loss in career or business. saturn conjunct moon transit which house

Remedies for Saturn moon conjunction or Saturn moon conjunction remedies: Shiv Pooja and lord krishna.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Akhilesh Yadav Horoscope in Astrology

टीपू कैसे सुलतान बना गया, इनसाइड स्टोरी  देखिये सितारे क्या कहते है

सपा के इस दंगल में कितनी भी सर फुटौवल हुई हो लेकिन एक बात मान लीजिये टीपू सुलतान बन गया २०१६ जुलाई महीने तक उत्तर प्रदेश में गाहे बगाहे ये कहते लोग मिल जाते थे, यहाँ तो ढाई मुख्यमंत्री है लेकिन अखिलेश ने अपने कौशल और कुशल नेत्रत्व से सबको चकित कर दिया, इस समय मैंने जो देखा कुंडली  और कुंडली से हटकर तो पाया अपार जन समर्थन उन्होंने हासिल कर लिया. जुलाई-अगस्त तक बड़े सपाइयों से मिला था तब तक उनका भी ये आकलन था की संगठन में आज भी नेता जी और शिवपाल की पकड़ है लेकिन दिसम्बर के आखिरी पखवारे ने सब धता साबित कर दिया और टीपू को सुल्तान साबित कर दिया.

समय बड़ा बलवान
वक़्त की हर शह ग़ुलाम

तुला लग्न की कुंडली वायु प्रधान राशि हमेशा बहुत महत्वकांशी मानी गयी है और वायु प्रधान राशि कलयुग में सफल राशियों में से एक है और उसमे तुला मतलब डिप्लोमेसी के साथ संतुलन अच्छा संयोग है अखिलेश जी की कुंडली में लग्न में मजबूत बुध के साथ सूर्य की युति मजबूत राज योग दे रही है, ११घर है सबसे बड़ी महत्वकांशा का जो की पिता सूर्य ने उनको मुख्यमंत्री बनाकर दी और भाग्येश बुध लग्नेश  में अपने आप कुशल प्रबंधन की क्षमता देता है सूर्य शुक्र का ११ और लग्न का मजबूत परिवर्तन योग बना है जो दर्शाता है पुत्र पिता की लाइन में चलकर उनसे बहुत आगे तक जायेगा. सूर्य बुध और मेहरबान शुक्र उनको सत्ता के उचाईयो तक जल्दी ही पहुचाएंगे. ११ भाव का स्वामी सूर्य लग्न में और लग्न का स्वामी शुक्र दोनों राजनीती के करक ग्रह और राज्य के करक ग्रह खासतौर पर शुक्र जो राजनीती और शुक्र  नीति के रचियता है मजबूत राजा योग का निर्माण कर रहे. ये योग मनचाहा पद और राजनीती के शिखर पर इनको ले जायेंगे.

२०२१-२३ में अपार सफलता का योग है जो की इनका राजनीती में जबरदस्त सफलता दिखता है. गुरु की पंचम दृष्टि चंद्र और सप्तम भाग्य स्थान केतु पर और नवम दृश्टि शुक्र ११ भाव पर जबरदस्त फायदा देगी आने वाले समय में २०१७ के आखिरी से.

शुक्र सूर्य बुध डिप्लोमेसी किंग है शुक्र खासतौर पर, पार्टी के छवि कुछ भी हो लेकिन इस योग के वजह से अखिलेश पाक साफ़ निकल कर पहली बार सपा की राजनीती में अपनी एक अलग छवि बनाने में कामयाब रहे.
बुध राजयोगकारक होकर अदुभुत भाग्य योग बना रहा है

दशम का मजबूत स्वामी चन्द्रमा कुंडली में स्थिति में दशम से दशम वे घर में मजबूती से विराजमान होकर सत्ता और अपार जन समर्थन दे रहा जो हाल के दिनों में देखने को मिल है देश को. दशम के अधिपति राज्य करक ग्रह उनको लंबे समय तक राजीनति का लंबी रेस का घोडा बनाता दिख रहा है और एक ऐसा जो जन सामान्य में अत्यधिक लोकप्रिय होगा  .

२०१३ में गुरु की महादशा के बाद ही इनके राजनैतिक करियर में तेजी आयी, वजह साफ़ थी क्योकि गुरु करेज और सहस के घर में बैठकर उसको बढ़ा रहा और २०१३ के बाद ही इनका संवाद जनता से बढ़ा है क्योकि कम्युनिकेशन का भी ये घर है और इनको अपने दम पर बड़ा सत्ता परिवर्तन आने वाले दिनों में लोगो को देखने को मिलेगा. चन्द्रमा पब्लिक और मॉसेस का प्लेनेट है जो की लोगो को आसानी से अखिलेश की ओर खीचेगा. ये ग्रह लंबे समय तक बड़े पद रहने के ओर साफ़ इशारा करता है  आने वाले चुनाव पर कमेंट नहीं करूँगा क्योकि मायावती की कुंडली और बीजेपी के कंडीडेट साफ़ नहीं है. लेकिन अखिलेश की कुंडली में भारतीय राजनीती के लंबे घोड़े होने के सारे संकेत मिलते है, धन्यवाद!!!!!

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