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Career in Acting in Astrology

Career in film astrology or Career in acting Vedic Astrology or in entertainment industry is one of the most difficult because there is many things which should be present in 1 person mean it should be complete package and you should have all around skills. Career house is one of the most important house to see anyone career but for career in film industry or acting in Vedic astrology I would say 5th house is most important house for getting success. I have written this article in very concise manner where anyone can learn and read their chart easily. After reading this article you will realize how planets help astrology and acting. Astrology and cinema help to people getting right direction.

Most important houses for success in film industry astrology for acting career:

5th house: This is original house for any creativity skills or acting in astrology that is the reason it is most important house for getting success in film line. You can see Shahrukh chart having 5th house very strong Venus placed and aspected by Jupiter to own house blessed him superstar tag. This is the house performing arts, cinema, writing, directing and producing. 

Read Jupiter Transit 2017 for getting success in career:

10th house: 10th house is overall career so without this, you can retain your success in this field because 5th house may give skill but without strong 10th house you cannot stable in this line. 10th house shows yours impact in the world and combination to get success in film.

9th house: Luck always matters, you have everything but if you will get right brake on right time then skill and career cannot do abundance growth in this line so this house important for actor in vedic astrology.

11th house: so above 3 is more important but this house shows your biggest desire will fulfil or not like Shahrukh chart (actor kundli) great Jupiter sitting in 11th house as lord of 5th house showing huge gains and desire and ambition fulfilment. 11th house is the house ambition, achievements, wishes, desire and hopes.

8th house: 8th house is the hidden part of life show these peoples shows they will something different in this line if above three showing strong results. Hidden parts of life shows in film director astrology.

Most important Signs for entertainment industry in astrology: Libra, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces

Most important Planets for career in acting or career in cinema astrology: 

Venus: Master of Art, love, luxury, creative line, limelight, diplomacy, success, wealth, artistic view, singing, fashion, beauty and glamour world. Venus shows in Astrology acting talent and give charming face. Venus is the one of the planet which gives astrology acting ability.

Mercury: Master of drama, comedian, spontaneous actor, witty and intelligent actor mercury plays important role in acting career in vedic astrology. In Astrology acting aspects mercury plays important role to retaining success for long time.

Rahu: Master of entertainment, glamour, sudden success, women and wine. Rahu is the karaka of media, entertainment, photography, camera, limelight, and to do things differently. 

Sun: Master of intelligence, fame, masses, success, wealth and creativity. Sun gives us light and without light, camera and action will not work.

Nakshatra: Bharini, Rohini, Mirgishira, Magha, Purva Phalguni, Chita, Swati, Purva Ashada and Revati

Combinations become start in entertainment industry
  • Yoga’s for becoming an actor Ascendant lord sitting in 5th house shows artistic ability. 
  • Acting career in kp astrology, Ascendant lord connected with 10th. 
  • 5th house lord sitting in 1st house or 10/11 gives success in film industry astrology.  
  • Venus and Mercury in 5th, 8th and 10th house shows astrological combinations for film actors.
  • Rahu in ascendant, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 10th house.
  • Sun in 5th, 9th and 10th house gives fame in film industry seen in Vedic astrology.
  • Any connection between 1st house and 5th house shows acting and astrology.
  • Any connection between 5 and 10th house shows acting aspects astrology.
  • Venus-mercury conjunction in chart specially if in 5th or 10th house gives success in films astrology.
  • 5th house Venus also shows great success in acting profession astrology.
  • 2nd house Rahu Venus give success in career in films astrology.
  • Venus Rahu positive conjunction in 1st/2nd/5th/9/10 houses gives success astrology and film.
  • Venus mercury combination in 1st/2nd/5th 8th/9/10 houses shows acting career in horoscope.
  • Career in film industry and astrology shows when exchange between the lords of 5th and 10th house or 1st house and 5th house and the lords are linked with Venus.
  • Rahu or Ketu, especially Rahu be associated with a planet in its own sign shows cinema yoga in astrology or astrology film industry.
Success in Bollywood, success in film, success in acting, success in singing, success in drama, success in picture.

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jupiter Transit in Libra 2017

Effects of Jupiter transit in Libra: Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, joy, expansion and abundance. Libra which is one of the airy sign governs by the Venus so many practical changes will be mark on the earth in rapid manner in this transit of Jupiter. Jupiter Transit in 2017 will take place 12th September 2017 and stay in Libra till more then 1 year in this sign, jupiter transit 2017 to 2018 predictions please see below.

Many times people asking me this prediction as per moon ascendant or ascendant? I will say, always see any transit effects from both. Give equal weightage. If transit as per moon signs in bad house 6/8/12 but as per your ascendant if it is Kendra/Trikona then effects will be neutralize. Most important point here please check before apply this rules on your chart that planet in bad house or good house because it will also have capacity to alter the results. Mahadasha currently running in your chart also very important for transit effects. Guru gochar 2017 or guru gochar 2017 to 2018(jupiter in libra in 2017).

Jupiter Transit 2017 effects: This Jupiter will transit 3 good sign where Jupiter will flourish and give big gains.

  • Chitra Star of Mars
  • Swati Star of Rahu
  • Vishakha star of Jupiter itself.
- Jupiter Transit in Mars Nakshatra will give good gains in land property and confidence will boost.

- Jupiter Transit in Rahu Nakshatra will bring fortune from foreign lands. People will enjoy luxury and fortune and travel will be there.

- Jupiter Transit in Jupiter Nakshatra will bring huge wealth, big gains, abundance and stability in life.

Favourable Sign for Jupiter transit 2017:  Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Average Sign for Jupiter transit 2017: Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.

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Jupiter in Libra Transit for Wealth: This is very good transit for wealth and expansion. Jupiter also knows for slow results but this Jupiter will give very fast results in early transit.

Jupiter in Libra Transit for Service/Business/Career: This is good transit for service. Jupiter in sign of most diplomatic planet Venus so it will give favor in government. Jupiter will give good career growths who are finding opportunity of big gains.

Jupiter in Libra Transit for Relationships/Love:  This is wonderful time for love and marriage. People who are finding true love and relationship will move towards stable relationship very soon in this transit.

Jupiter transit 2017 for Aries or Jupiter transit 2017 in Aries: 
Jupiter will transit on your 7th house will give good results. Marriage on the cards or ringing bell for unmarried peoples. There will be good chance of foreign ravel in this year good holiday with your partner. This seems good time for self-growth. Jupiter will enhance your wealth in this transit, your business will grow. Your social circle is to expand here. This is the time you will opposition in your inner world because 7th house representing Kama house and Jupiter is ruler of Dharam and moksha 9/12 house in your chart. There will be good chances of foreign travel or residence. People who are seeking foreign education they can get success in this time period. Health will be good in this Jupiter transit 2017. Jupiter transit 2017 mesha rasi, Your relationship with family members will be more cordial in this transit.

Jupiter transit 2017 for Taurus or Jupiter transit 2017 in Taurus: 
Jupiter will transit on your 6th house will give success in service; you should incline to religious and good deeds in this time period. Jupiter will defeat your enemies in this year and career change will be there. Influence over the second house, linked with finances, is indicative of increase in inflow of money for you. It will increase your expenditure also, so take all decision carefully in this year. Jupiter will give loans easily in this time period. This is the time where you feel stability in your job. This Jupiter will give sudden wealth also. You should take care over eating in this time period or oily food strictly no otherwise in this transit here may be some health issue. Stomach may upset so take care of your health.
Jupiter transit 2017 for Gemini or Jupiter transit 2017 in Gemini: 
Jupiter in Libra for Gemini people will give lot gains full year. You will feel peace, joy and stability in life. Children will grow in lives who are expecting child there will bless with child and chances of male child are more. You will see growth in income and in social circle. Money will come in easily in life. Career wise this is definite powerful time where you achieve many achievements in this year. Auspicious ceremony will be in home in this year, who is expecting marriage and good love affairs they can expect in this year. There may be love affair which may convert in marriage in this time period, bonding between couples will be good. Gemini people will enjoy good health, wealth and career in Jupiter 2017 transit.
Jupiter transit 2017 for Cancer or Jupiter transit 2017 in Cancer: 
Jupiter in Libra for cancer will be very auspicious and will increase family peace and joy in life. This is the time you can expect good big vehicle, House in life. You are enough lucky in this year because 9th house lord in 4th house is one of good yoga, gains in career especially in politics or public domain. Jupiter will increase property and mother love in this year. People need to serve their as much as possible in this year for taking good results throughout life. This year if you were running any loan then repayment will be easy or you can easily close loans. People who were in cases will get relief. Enemies will not hurt you and they will destroy automatically if they unnecessary fight with you. There will be good chance of foreign travel with family or there will be good family get together or trip. This is good time period when you will enjoy good health and peace in family.
Jupiter transit 2017 for Leo or Jupiter transit 2017 in Leo: 
Jupiter in Libra for Leo peoples will bring good results, people who are expecting good relation with family and siblings they will enjoy this year with them. People will enjoy life with their children who are expecting sudden wealth chances is there for this. You will take bold decision in this which will increase quality of life and service. Your communication with others will be clear and effective. Students expect good results in this year and they will able to concentrate in theirs studies in this year. This is year good for those who are in research work or occult science related knowledge. This is one of the good year for writing and publishing something if sun and mercury also supports your chart. There may good gains in stock market also but this is not recommended. This year good for higher education.

Jupiter transit 2017 for Virgo or Jupiter transit 2017 in Virgo: 
Jupiter in Libra for Virgo will give good results. There will be good growth in income and peace of life will increase. Your relationship with your partner will good and there will be good harmony in relationship. There is chance of new property or vehicle in this year. Overall finance and career wise this is one of the very good years for you. This is good year for starting new business because time will support you. You should do worship of lord Vishnu full year. This is good year for your health and husband health. Virgo people will enjoy life with family and full of happiness. Your mother health will be good and support from mother may come. Jupiter transit 2017 for kanya rashi, You may expect good gains from mother in this year. Children will do well in their education.

Jupiter transit 2017 for Libra or Jupiter transit 2017 in Libra: 
Jupiter in Libra for in your 1st house will be good transit. There may be new male child, good destiny and lovable relationship with partner. This is the year where you will feel more courageous for earnings and career. This year you will enjoy life with family and children. This is the year where if any loan is there then you can pay off. This year will be good for foreign travel. You should focus on career because in this year you can reach in good heights in life. This transit of Jupiter is favourable for newlywed or who are finding life partner. Students can expect better results in this year who are expecting higher education there will be good chances of success in that. Ascendant Jupiter always good so enjoy full year with lord Vishnu blessings.

Jupiter transit 2017 for Scorpio or Jupiter transit 2017 in Scorpio: 
Jupiter in Libra for Scorpio is good for those who are spiritualistic but good for those who more in materialism. There will be chances of good wealth but expenditure will be more so take care this part in this transit. This year you can expect to find new Guru or more inclined for inner peace if life. This year you can learn Reiki or Yoga or any spiritualism course which will helpful in your life. Meditation and Yoga will give new path of life where you can see stable life with peace. People should involve you to Yoga and spiritualism in this transit of Jupiter. There may more expenditure then income in this time period. Health will be average in this time period and people should stay away from women and wife.

Jupiter transit 2017 for Sagittarius or Jupiter transit 2017 in Sagittarius: 
Jupiter in Libra for Sagittarius will give very good results in fast speed. There will be huge gains, and fulfilment of wishes in end of 2017. You can buy new property or luxury vehicle in this year. You will enjoy life with friends and family. Children will do well in this year. Your relationship with partner will be good. There will be good chances of financial gains in career or in business. You will enjoy life with peace and stability. Jupiter will good results to students and their education will take place in good direction. People should obey their mother. In this time period you will enjoy good health and peace in life. There may good change of job.

Jupiter transit 2017 for Capricorn or Jupiter transit 2017 in Capricorn: 
Jupiter in Libra for Capricorn is good because it will be transit your 10th house which is the one of strongest Kendra. Jupiter will give good job change or career growth in this year. There will be good chances of foreign travel. Wealth wise this is good year where you will enjoy the life. There may little bit health issue but not big. Jupiter in Libra for makar may give vehicle or new home in this year. There may strong changes you will go foreign lands for your career related work. You will grow in career and earn good amount of wealth from foreign lands. There will be good relationship with siblings.

Jupiter transit 2017 for Aquarius or Jupiter transit 2017 in Aquarius: 
Jupiter in Libra for Aquarius is one of the good placements where you can see huge growth in career and wealth. There will be chance of promotion and gains in life. You will be more social in this year; children will do well in their life. Your relationship with your wife will be good. There may good change for stable life in this year. Your intelligence will help you take prompt action in work place. Your earning and life style will improve and you will feel better in life. There may chance of big wealth chunk in this year. You will happy and health will be good in this Jupiter transit 2017. Jupiter transit 2017 for kumbha rasi, You will shine in life and society in this time period.

Jupiter transit 2017 for Pisces or Jupiter transit 2017 in Pisces: 
Jupiter in Libra for Pisces will give good change in career and benefits in earnings and life. Guru ka tula rashi parivartan 2017 this year people can expect very good results in occult science and people want to learn and learn more new things. You will enjoy life with family. There will be good growth in earnings. There may auspicious travel of foreign lands. Family atmosphere will be good and people enjoy life. Jupiter transit 2017 meena rasi shows there may be chances of new property or vehicle in this year.  

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